Terms & Conditions - Data Roaming On Vodafone Networks


  1. International Roaming subscribers will be charged $25 for the 1st 100MB per day. Usage beyond 100MB per day will be charged at $3 per MB (charged in blocks of 1KB). For roaming data usages below $25 per day, customers will be charged at prevailing roaming data charges. Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers will enjoy the promotion rates & discounts at 20% surcharge on top of the amount payable by International Roaming subscribers.
  2. Promotional rates will automatically reset at 00:00hrs, based on Singapore time.
  3. Promotion rates & discounts are valid from 22 October 2012 to 30 April 2014.
  4. Promotion rates & discounts are applicable to designated Vodafone or StarHub Partner roaming operators listed in the table. Prevailing roaming data charges apply if customers log on to a roaming operator not within the listing. StarHub reserves the rights to amend the list of roaming operators without prior notice.
  5. For MultiSIM customers, roaming data usages will be billed and charged individually for each SIM card. Example: If the customer uses both SIM cards for data roaming at the same time and incurs 100MB for each SIM. card, he will be charged $25 x 2.