Terms & Conditions - Unlimited Data Pass


Service Specific Terms & Conditions for Unlimited Data Pass



  1. Unlimited Data Pass can be subscribed by business customers.
  2. In addition to these terms and conditions, the use of Unlimited Data Pass is subject to StarHub's prevailing General Terms & Conditions and any other terms and conditions that we may have agreed to from time to time. Please refer to our Business General Terms & Conditions on our website.
  3. We reserve the right to change (whether in part or in whole) the applicable terms and conditions in connection with Unlimited Data Pass (including these terms and conditions), the Unlimited Data Pass service (including its features and apps offered) and all changes shall be posted on our website and shall take effect from the date that they are posted. If you continue to use Unlimited Data Pass, you will be taken to have accepted the changes. You are therefore advised to access our website for the latest and most updated terms and conditions.

    Eligibility Criteria

  5. You are eligible to subscribe to the Unlimited Data Pass if you are an active and registered subscriber of any of the following StarHub post-paid mobile plans -, or if you are the active and registered subscriber of the SharePlus parent plan (excluding the SharePlus dependent plan):
    • 4G3 or SIM Only 4G3;
    • 4G4 or SIM Only 4G4;
    • 4G5 or SIM Only 4G5;
    • 4G6 or SIM Only 4G6;
    • 4G12 or SIM Only 4G12;
    • XS or SIM Only XS;
    • S or SIM Only Sg;
    • M or SIM Only M;
    • L or SIM Only L;
    • XL or SIM Only XL; and
    • such other plan as may be determined by us from time to time

    (each an "Eligible Plan").

  6. We reserve the right to change, add, remove, suspend and/or terminate any of the above plans from time to time without notice.

    Unlimited Data Pass VAS

  8. "Service" refer to our Unlimited Data Pass and include Unlimited Video Pass, Unlimited Social Pass and/or Unlimited Chat Pass.
  9. With the Service, you will enjoy free local data access to certain listed applications or apps via your mobile device ("App", "Apps" or "App List"). However, the following access are excluded from the Service, are chargeable and will be deducted from your local data bundle:
    1. access to advertisements within the App, including pictures, audio, videos, third party content (e.g. GIFs, external videos, maps);
    2. access to apps which are not within the App List;
    3. access to external and/or re-directed links and/or apps; and
    4. such other chargeable access as may be notified by us from time to time.
  10. The Service is not applicable via web browser / mobile browser. You will be charged for access to the Apps and other apps via web browser / mobile browser.
  11. The Service is for your own personal use and is subject to our fair usage policy. If we determine that you have exceeded our fair usage policy beyond a threshold at any time during the monthly bill cycle as determined by us in our absolute discretion, we may impose a speed limit on the applicable Service until the end of the affected bill cycle. Any speed limit imposed will be lifted at the start of your next bill cycle. Tethering and hotspots will not be covered under the Service.
  12. The Service is only available to selected Apps as listed by us at our website in the App List at the following URLs or such other URLs as may be notified by us from time to time: www.starhub.com/data-pass-biz.
  13. The Service can only be accessed via one device at any time and cannot be accessed simultaneously via multiple devices.
  14. We will not be responsible for the internet connectivity (including such networks, platforms and/or mobile data connection used for internet connectivity), the quality thereof or the devices through which you access the Service, each of which may affect the quality of the Service and your experience. Without prejudice to the foregoing, we will not be responsible for any Service failure, interruption or performance degradation arising from any failure in internet connectivity, the quality and connectivity of such networks or platforms, mobile data connection and/or the devices through which you access the Services, or any lack of compatibility thereof.
  15. You can subscribe to all THREE passes at any point of time per mobile line.
  16. For the avoidance of doubt, Service is applicable only to local data usage charges, and not for roaming data usage Charges. Standard roaming data usage Charges will apply when you access any of the App when roaming.
  17. The Service does not include the Apps’ subscription Charges (if any).
  18. The Apps are not owned, operated, maintained, recommended, endorsed and/or guaranteed by us in any way as they belong to third parties or their licensors. We will not be liable in any way for any content, products, services or information which you may access, obtain and/or receive from the Apps.
  19. You are solely responsible for setting or configuring the mobile data access point (“APN”) to ‘shwap’ in order to enjoy streaming without having to incur local data Charges under the Service; otherwise, you will be automatically and immediately charged. We are not obliged to provide any waiver or refunds to you for Charges incurred if you fail to set or configure the APN to ‘shwap’ or if you incorrectly set or configure to the wrong access point or otherwise.
  20. As we may change our Unlimited Data Pass business partner and Apps from time to time, please visit our website www.starhub.com/data-pass-biz for the most updated list of applicable App.
  21. We may, from time to time, withdraw, suspend or change the Service, including any apps business partner and/or App, without notice. If you continue to use the Service, you will be taken to have accepted the changes.

    Fees and Billing

  23. You will be charged a one-time Charge of $5.35 for every activation of an Unlimited Data Pass. For example, you will be charged $10.70 (i.e. $5.35 x 2) if you activate 2 passes and $16.05 (i.e. $5.35 x 3) if you activate 3 passes. There is no proration of the one-time Charge. You will be charged the full amount regardless of when you sign up for the Service.
  24. In addition to the one-time Charge, you will be charged a monthly subscription Charge of $10.00 for Unlimited Video Pass, $10.00 for Unlimited Social Pass and $6.00 for Unlimited Chat Pass per bill cycle applies.
  25. Monthly subscription Charges will be pro-rated according to your bill cycle. StarHub reserves the right to change its bill cycle as it deems fit.
  26. If there is a change in the Eligible Plan, the Service will be automatically and immediately terminated without notice. If you wish to re-subscribe to the Service again, you will then need to be on the Eligible Plan and re-apply or re-subscribe to the Service and pay the prescribed one-time Charge and relevant monthly subscription Charges.
  27. Unless otherwise stated, all Charges quoted in these terms and conditions are inclusive of goods and services tax.
  28. Our records shall be final and conclusive for all Charges and usage incurred.


  30. Upon termination of the Service during a billing cycle, monthly subscription Charges will be pro-rated according to your billing cycle. Your data usage will be deducted from your local data bundle and local data usage beyond your data bundle is charged at $10.70/GB, capped at $168 on 4G plans or $238 on Lite/XS/S/M/L/XL plans per month.

    Data Protection

  32. You agree to StarHub’s Data Protection Policy ("Policy"), which may be found at our website, including the StarHub Additional Purposes and Preferred Partners Additional Purposes. You may manage your consent preferences at any time via the options available in the Policy.