Terms & Conditions - O.N.E. Phone / Voice Add-On


  1. O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On subscription plans are only applicable to Business Registered Number (BRN) customers. Subscription plan comes with a 24-month contract service.
  2. Customers must purchase their own phone and/or such other customer premises equipment (collectively, the "CPE") as may be required by StarHub in order to access and use StarHub’s O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service.
  3. Field Engineer on-site support Charges (S$50 transportation + S$120/hour during office hours) will be applicable if StarHub Field Engineers are dispatched on-site for support. There will be no on-site charges if the faults are caused by StarHub.
  4. StarHub makes no warranty that the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service will be compatible with all CPEs and expressly disclaim any express or implied warranties regarding the compatibility of the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service with any particular CPE.
  5. The O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service is meant for use in Singapore only and the Customer's use of the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service and the CPE is solely at its own risk and is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
  6. An Early Termination Charge will be applicable if circuit is terminated prior to end of the Minimum Period of Service: 100% of the remaining monthly charges for the remainder of the Minimum Period of Service. Further, the Customer must also compensate us for any damages or losses (including but not limited to the costs of all waivers and discounts granted and free premiums given) which StarHub may suffer because of such termination.
  7. StarHub reserves the right to charge the Customer a reactivation fee of at least S$50/line (or such other amount as may be determined by StarHub) for reactivating any suspended or terminated O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service.
  8. In the event that the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service is suspended or terminated due to non-payment of any charges and the Customer subsequently pay to StarHub all outstanding amounts due or payable to StarHub, the Customer must contact our business helpdesk or our account manager if he/she wishes to request for the reactivation of the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service. Reactivation of the O.N.E. Phone/Voice Add-On Service is not automatic and not immediate upon full payment of the Charges. There may be a Charge imposed for the reactivation.