Terms and Conditions of the Screen Repair Service

1.     You must be an active subscriber of StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd’s (“StarHub”) SmartSupport device protection programme (“SmartSupport”) and the international mobile equipment identity number (“IMEI”) of your mobile device must be registered and active under SmartSupport.

2.     Subject to these terms and conditions, NEW Asurion Singapore Pte Ltd (“Asurion”), as StarHub’s appointed service provider, will carry out a repair or replacement of the screen of your mobile device (“Screen Repair”) and, if any other repairs are required, the Screen Repair will not be carried out on your mobile device.

3.     The Screen Repair fee is S$99.00 (inclusive of GST) (“Repair Fee”).

4.     Your mobile device will be collected and returned to you at the same indicated location and at the indicated time(s). You accept and acknowledge that the timing of the return of your mobile device is subject to the availability of replacement parts and availability of our delivery personnel. Our delivery personnel will verify your identity at the time of collection and return of your mobile device and will seek your written acknowledgement and acceptance at both times. You may be charged an additional fee if you are not present when we attempt to collect your mobile device from you or at the time we attempt to return your mobile device to you at the indicated times. Access to Screen Repair is available in Singapore only.

5.     Upon receipt of your mobile device, the suitability of your mobile device will be assessed for Screen Repair. We reserve the right not to proceed with the Screen Repair for any reason, whether relating to make, model and/or condition of the device or otherwise. In such event, your mobile device will not be accepted for repair and/or the unrepaired mobile device will be returned to you with the Repair Fee refunded to you in full if you have paid for it.

6.     Your mobile device (including the operating system and hardware) must not be modified in any manner. Prior to the handover of your mobile device for repair, you must:

a.     delete all user content and data from your mobile device. You acknowledge and accept that in carrying out the Screen Repair, all mobile device data and user content will be deleted and the mobile device will be reset to its factory default settings;

b.     disable all personal device locks (including FindMyiPhone) on your mobile device; and

c.     remove any accessories, stylus, SIM cards, SD cards or screen protectors from your mobile device and must not provide any of these to us.

7.     Your Screen Repair comes with a 3 months warranty for the screen of your mobile device only, as repaired or replaced, against manufacturer malfunctions that starts from the date of return of your mobile device to you.

8.     You may only make 1 request for a Screen Repair in any rolling 12 months period, with such period commencing from the time of your first request for a Screen Repair.

9.     You have provided your consent for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data in connection with the Screen Repair in accordance with StarHub’s prevailing data protection policy.

10.  You acknowledge that this Screen Repair service is separate from SmartSupport. The Repair Fee payable is in respect of the Screen Repair only and is not made in connection with your subscription to SmartSupport.

11.  StarHub and Asurion shall not be liable for:

(a)      any loss of data and/or user content on your mobile device and any misuse of data and/or user content on your mobile device arising from your failure to delete the same;

(b)      any loss associated with timing for collection of your mobile device or return of your mobile device following a Screen Repair;

(c)      any damage sustained to your mobile device arising from the inspection and/or diagnostics of your mobile device or the Screen Repair service generally;  

(d)      any loss or damage to any accessory, stylus, SIM card or SD card; and

(e)      any damage sustained to your mobile device in transit from time of collection from you until the return of the mobile device to you.

12.  These terms and conditions, the service and/or price may be revised from time to time and your use of the service shall constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions and their revisions.