Terms & Conditions - MultiSIM Service for Business


  1. General
    1. The use of the MultiSIM Services is subject to StarHub's Business General Terms & Conditions, and any other terms and conditions that you and we may have agreed to from time to time. You may view our terms and conditions at Legal Notices & Terms.
    2. In this Section, “MultiSIM Services” refer to the MultiSIM Services provided by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd (Reg. No. 200000646C).
  2. Eligibility
    1. In order to be eligible for the MultiSIM Services, you must have an active subscription of our mobile services and such mobile services must be under a:
      1. voice only mobile subscription plan; or
      2. voice and data mobile subscription plan.
    2. You would not be eligible for the MultiSIM Services if you have only a data mobile subscription plan.
    3. You would not be eligible for the MultiSIM Services if you are on the SharePlus plan.
  3. Terms of Use
    1. You agree to use the MultiSIM Services in accordance with our prevailing policies, guidelines, instructions, notices and directions.
    2. You acknowledge and agree that your incoming calls and SMS will be first received on your main mobile number on the assigned “primary” handset.
    3. For your incoming calls, if there is no answer on your main mobile number, the call will be routed to the next MultiSIM based on your selected order of priority; or in the absence of any selection of priority by you, by our pre-selected order of priority.       
  4. SIM Card and Other Applicable Charges
    1. You will be charged our prevailing registration and activation Charges for each additional SIM Card procured under the MultiSIM Services. In addition, you will be charged our prevailing monthly recurring subscription Charges for the MultiSIM Services. Such Charges are in addition to the other applicable Charges arising from and in connection with your mobile subscription services, including without limitation, Charges applicable and incurred by your use for your primary “handset”.
    2. You will be responsible for the use of all SIM cards cards and all applicable Charges in relation thereto, registered under your account for the MultiSIM Service.
    3. If your SIM card is lost or stolen, you must tell us immediately by calling Business Helpdesk at 1631 and follow up with a written confirmation within 24 hours in order to request for a suspension of your mobile subscription services. You understand and accept that the MultiSIM Service cannot be suspended on its own and in order to de-active the lost or stolen SIM card your consent will be required for a suspension of your mobile subscription service.  Until such time your SIM card is de-activated, you will continue to be responsible for all Charges incurred using your SIM card and the MultiSIM Services whether or not they are incurred or authorized by you.
    4. During the period of the suspension of your mobile subscription service, all usual Charges continue to apply including the Charges for the MultiSIM Service.
    5. If a SIM card is defective due to our fault, we will replace it. Otherwise, you will be charged our prevailing Charges for the replacement of any SIM card regardless of the reason for the replacement.
    6. We will not refund any amounts paid by you in advance for any of your SIM cards and the MultiSIM Services if such SIM card should be lost or damaged.
    7. We will not refund any amounts paid by you in advance if you terminate the MultiSIM Services. In the case of a suspension, our prevailing suspension Charges will apply.