Terms & Conditions - Missed Call Alerts


  1. Missed Call Alerts will not be sent if the missed call was made from payphones, PABX (Hunting lines) or lines with Caller Number-Non-Display or if the network operator you are roaming on charges for receiving SMS.
  2. Maximum number of Missed Call Alerts per person per day is 20.
  3. For phone switched off or not within network coverage range scenarios, Missed Call Alerts will capture up to 9 missed call numbers (sent within 3 SMS) for the first 24 hours your phone was switched off/out of coverage.
  4. When you are overseas, you can still deactivate this free service by sending an SMS request or by calling +65 68201633. However, please note that the overseas operator’s operators' respective roaming SMS charges or outgoing roaming airtime charges will apply if you are activating or reactivating via SMS.