Terms & Conditions - Microsoft® Office 365


  1. Definitions
    1. In this Section:
      1. "Services" refer to the Microsoft ® Office 365 products, services and/or Software provided by StarHub Ltd (Reg. No. 199802208C) and/or its Affiliates;

  3. Term
    1. The Minimum Period of Service for each of the Services shall be 24 continuous months from the Start Date, or otherwise, such other longer period as stated in our application/order form or in a formal written agreement between us. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions in the formal written agreement and the terms and conditions in the application/order form, the former shall prevail.
    2. Unless otherwise agreed to by us in writing, when the Minimum Period of Service expires, this Agreement will be automatically renewed for successive periods of 12 consecutive months each (based on the same terms and conditions except for Charges, which shall be based on our then prevailing/current Charges for the Services) unless you give us a written notice of non-renewal at least 60 days prior to the expiry of the Minimum Period of Service or the renewed term.
    3. The computation of the Minimum Period of Service will not take into account any period of suspension or cessation of the Services. If the Services are suspended or ceased and subsequently reactivated, the Minimum Period of Service will be automatically extended by such period of suspension or cessation.
    4. If we agree to any changes to any part of the Services as requested by you (including but not limited to, any upgrade to the Services) or the renewal of the Services, we shall be entitled to impose a further Minimum Period of Service commencing from the date the Services are changed or renewed.

  5. Ending the Services
    1. This Services may be terminated by either party giving 60 days' written notice to the other party.
    2. If you fail to pay us any moneys due to us under this Agreement by the due date of the relevant invoice, we shall be entitled to suspend or terminate the Services by giving you 1 day written notice.
    3. If you give us a notice to terminate this Agreement or the Services that ends during the applicable Minimum Period of Service, or if we terminate this Agreement or the Services due to your default prior to the expiry of the applicable Minimum Period of Service, you shall be liable:-
      1. for the monthly recurring Charges for the Services on a per licence basis for the rest of the remaining Minimum Period of Service; and
      2. to pay or refund us a sum of moneys equal to any and all discounts, subsidies, waivers and rebates given by us to you up to the date of termination (for example, any discounted one-time set-up (Charge); and
      3. for all claims, damages, losses and liabilities which we may suffer because of the early termination, including but not limited to, any and all unrecoverable costs imposed by us by any third party relating to the early termination.

        In computing whether or not you have complied with the Minimum Period Service, we will not take into account any period for which the Services are suspended for any reason whatsoever.


  7. Additions, Changes & Terminations
    1. You may, with our prior written consent, subscribe to additional features or services ancillary to the Services as may be offered by us from time to time and upon the provision of such additional features or services, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall also apply to those additional features or services.
    2. There will be a Charge if you terminate or change any part of the Services. The Charges will be levied on a per line basis.
    3. In addition to the above, if you downgrade or terminate any part of the Services, the early termination Charges set out in Clause 3.3 shall also be levied.

  9. Minimum Requirements
    1. In order to use the Services, you must meet certain minimum requirements (including but not limited to the operating environment and operating system software) as notified by us from time to time.

  11. Provision and Scope of Services
    1. We will provide the Services to you in accordance with the particulars set out in the application/order form. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible if any of the particulars provided by you in the application/order form is incorrect, false and/or incomplete.
    2. You may request us to change, from time to time, the Services particulars set out in the application/order form, subject to our confirmation and payment of the prevailing administrative fee chargeable by us. In the event of such change, the subscription Charges payable and the Services particulars will be amended accordingly.
    3. The Service is dependent on your internet connectivity, which may or may not be provided by us. You shall be solely responsible at your own cost and expense to procure and maintain the necessary internet connectivity. You shall be solely responsible for paying your internet access provider and such fees shall be in addition to the Charges incurred in relation to the Services. You shall be solely responsible for all access-related Charges. We will not reimburse you for such Charges.
    4. Without prejudice to Clause 6.3 above, we shall not be responsible for internet connectivity. We shall not be responsible for providing any support, whether technical or otherwise, to any third party service or Network/networks which is connected to or used in conjunction with any part of the Services.
    5. You acknowledge and agree that availability of the Service is subject to:
      1. availability of resources, including but not limited to, Network/network availability and our area of coverage at the time at which the Services are requested or delivered; and
      2. provisioning time for the Service. Such provisioning time will be determined by us in our discretion and may be changed by us.

  13. Using the Services
    1. When using the Services, you must comply with all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, all applicable laws and policies and code of conduct.
    2. By using the Services, you shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that this is a third party service (namely, Microsoft’s) and you agree to abide by all Microsoft's prevailing and applicable policies, including but not limited to Microsoft's anti-spam policy and code of conduct, as well as the Microsoft Customer Agreement (including any amendments thereto and any successor agreements).
    4. You must not use the service to harm others or the service. For example, you must not use the service to harm, threaten, or harass another person, organization, or Microsoft. You must not: damage, disable, overburden, or impair the service (or any network connected to the service); resell or redistribute the service or any part of it; use any unauthorized means to modify, reroute, or gain access to the service or attempt to carry out these activities; or use any automated process or service (such as a bot, a spider, periodic caching of information stored by Microsoft, or metasearching) to access or use the service. You may be able to access third-party websites or services via the service; you acknowledge that we are not responsible for such websites or services or content that may be available there.
    5. We may provide you with credentials to use with the service. You're solely responsible for your dealings with third parties (including advertisers) who use the network, including as to the delivery of and payment for goods. When you use the service to gain access to any website, the terms and conditions for that website, if different from this contract, may also apply to your use of that website.
    6. You represent and warrant that you have all the necessary rights to any and all data, software programs or services that you use in connection with access or use of the Services and that such activities do not infringe the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of any third party.
    7. You agree to access or use the Services (a) without violating the rights of any third party or purporting to subject us to any other obligations to you or any third party; and (b) solely in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

  15. Your service account, associated accounts, and accounts from third parties
    1. Only you may use your service account. You must keep your accounts and passwords confidential and not authorize any third party to access or use the service on your behalf, unless we provide an approved mechanism for that. You must contact us right away if you suspect misuse of your accounts or any security breach in the service. For some parts of the service, you may be able to set up additional accounts that are dependent on your account ("associated accounts"). You're responsible for all activity that takes place with your service account and any associated accounts.
    2. If you use an associated account, you acknowledge that the holder of the service account has full control over your associated account. If a third party such as an Internet service provider, employer, or school gave you your account, that party has rights to your account and may: manage your account, reset your password, or suspend or cancel your account; view your account's usage and profile data, including how and when your account is used; and read or store content in your account, including electronic communications, contact lists, and other information.

  17. Your Content
    1. Except for material that we license to you, we don't claim ownership of the Content you provide on or through the Services. Your Content remains your content. We also don't control, verify, or endorse the content that you and others make available on the service.
    2. You control who may access your Content. If you share Content in public areas of the Services or in shared areas available to others you've chosen, then you agree that anyone you've shared Content with may use that Content. When you give others access to your Content on the service, you grant them free, nonexclusive permission to use, reproduce, distribute, display, transmit, and communicate to the public the content solely in connection with the Services and other products and services made available by us. If you don't want others to have those rights, don't use the Services to share your Content.
    3. You understand that we may need, and you hereby grant us the right, to use, modify, adapt, reproduce, distribute, and display Content posted on the Services solely to the extent necessary to provide the Services.
    4. Please respect the rights of artists, inventors, and creators. Content may be protected by copyright. People appearing in content may have a right to control the use of their image. If you share content on the service in a way that infringes others' copyrights, other intellectual property rights, or privacy rights, you're breaching this contract. You represent and warrant that you have all the rights necessary for you to grant the rights in this section and the use of the content doesn't violate any law. We won't pay you for your Content. We may refuse to publish your Content for any or no reason. We may remove your content from the service at any time if you breach this contract or if we cancel or suspend the service.
    5. You are responsible for backing up the data that you store on the service. If your service is suspended or canceled, we may permanently delete your data from our servers. We have no obligation to return data to you after the service is suspended or canceled. If data is stored with an expiration date, we may also delete the data as of that date. Data that is deleted may be irretrievable.

  19. Privacy
    1. In order to operate and provide the service, we collect certain information about you. As part of the service, we may also automatically upload information about your computer, your use of the service, and service performance.
    2. We use and protect that information in accordance with our policy. In particular, we may access or disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, in order to: (a) comply with the law or respond to lawful requests or legal process; (b) protect the rights or property of StarHub or our customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the service; or (c) act on a good faith belief that such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the personal safety of StarHub employees, customers, or the public.
    3. The service is a private computer network that StarHub operates for the benefit of itself and its customers. StarHub retains the right to block or otherwise prevent delivery of any type of email or other communication to or from the service as part of our efforts to protect the service, protect our customers, or stop you from breaching this contract. The technology or other means we use may hinder or break your use of the service.

  21. Software
    1. You acknowledge and agree that some of the information used in connection with the Services is supplied to us by third parties and accordingly, we offer no warranty of whatever nature in relation to such information.
    2. You further acknowledge and agree that third party software forms part of the Services.
    3. You agree that the software is and will remain the property of the third party licensor or supplier at all times.
    4. By installing the software, you shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to comply with all the terms & conditions of the prevailing end user software agreement as provided by the third party licensor or supplier.
    5. The end user software agreement shall be a contract entered into you and the third party licensor or supplier.
    6. If you receive software from us as part of the service, its use is governed in one of two ways: If you're presented with license terms that you must accept in order to use the software, those terms apply; if no license is presented to you, the terms of this contract apply. We reserve all other rights to the software.
    7. We may automatically check your version of the software. We may also automatically download to your computer upgrades to the software to update, enhance, and further develop the service.
    8. Any software we provide is licensed, not sold. Unless we notify you otherwise, the software license ends when your service ends. You must then uninstall the software, or we may disable it. You must not work around any technical limitations in the software. You must not disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer any software that's included in the service, except and only to the extent that the applicable copyright law expressly permits doing so.
    9. The software is subject to applicable U.S. export laws and regulations. You must comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the software. These laws include restrictions on destinations, end users, and end use. Without limitation, you may not transfer the software or service without U.S. government permission to anyone on U.S. government exclusion lists (see the Commerce Department's Lists to Check); the governments of Iran, Sudan, or Cuba; or prohibited members of the Cuban Communist Party. You represent and warrant that you're not on any of those lists or under the control of or an agent for anyone on those lists or the entities listed above. For more information, see the Exporting Microsoft Products website at http://www.microsoft.com/exporting).

    1. In addition to Section 11 (Liability) of our Business General Terms & Conditions, we provide the service "as is," "with all faults," and "as available." We don't guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information available from the service. You acknowledge that computer and telecommunications systems are not fault-free and occasional periods of downtime occur. We do not guarantee the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that data loss will not occur. We and our Affiliates, resellers, distributors, and vendors give no express warranties, guarantees, or conditions. We exclude any implied warranties, including for merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike effort, and noninfringement. We make no warranty as to the sale, use and/or support of the Services.

    1. In addition to Section 11 (Liability) of our Business General Terms & Conditions, you cannot recover any other damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive damages.
    2. The limitations and exclusions apply to anything related to this Agreement, for example and without limitation, the following:
      1. the Services;
      2. loss of data (whether partial or total);
      3. data corruption;
      4. Content on third-party websites, third-party programs, or third-party conduct accessed via the Services;
      5. viruses or other disabling features that affect your access to or use of the Services;
      6. incompatibility between the Services and other services, software, and hardware;
      7. delays or failures you may have in starting or completing transmissions or transactions in connection with the Services in an accurate or timely manner;
      8. claims for breach of contract; breach of warranty, guarantee or condition; strict liability; tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty); or misrepresentation.
      9. The limitations and exclusions also apply if this remedy does not fully compensate you for any losses or fails of its essential purpose or if we knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages.


  27. Changes to the service and cancellation
    1. We may change the service or delete features at any time for any reason. A particular service may be a prerelease version—a beta, for example—and may not work correctly or in the way a final version might work. We may significantly change the final version or decide not to release a final version.

  29. Charges
    1. Even if the Services themselves are free, you may still incur charges incidental to using the service, for example, charges for Internet access, text messaging, or other data transmission.

  31. Trial period offers
    1. Unless we notify you otherwise, if you're participating in any trial period offer, you must cancel the service by the end of the trial period to avoid incurring new Charges. If you do not cancel your trial Services and we have told you the Services will be converted to a paid subscription at the end of the trial period, you authorize us to charge your payment method for the Services.

  33. Domain Name Service
    1. If you register, renew, or transfer a domain name through the service, we connect you with an accredited registrar that will seek to register, renew, or transfer the domain name. The domain service contracts for ccTLDs and gTLDs are contracts between you and the registrar, and not between you and Microsoft. As such, Section 16 of this contract applies.
    2. We do not control the availability of any domain name you seek to register or renew and will have no liability relating to your use of the domain name. You represent and warrant that any domain name you register, renew, or transfer through the service and the registrar will not infringe the rights of third parties.

  35. Microsoft Office Live

    The following terms apply to Microsoft Office Live

    1. Your dealings with others. Microsoft may offer goods and services from third parties through the service. If so, for those goods and services your relationship is with the third party only and not with us. You're solely responsible for your dealings with any third party.
    2. You represent and warrant that: the products and services you advertise, sell, and distribute are legal for sale and distribution and do not violate this contract; you have all licenses necessary to sell, distribute and advertise the goods and services you offer; and all sales and advertisements will comply with applicable law.
    3. Your privacy practices. In using the service, you may be able to collect personal information about third parties. If you do, you must: post a privacy policy on your website that, at a minimum, discloses any and all uses of personal information that you collect from such third parties; provide a hypertext link to your privacy policy on the home page of your website and on all pages where you collect personal information from third parties, including on checkout pages; and use personal information only as expressly permitted by your privacy policy and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

  37. Support
    1. We will provide you customer support for the Services. Microsoft or Microsoft’s Affiliates do not offer you any direct customer support.