Terms & Conditions - Facebook Zero


  1. Facebook Zero (“ZERO”) is only available to all StarHub postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  2. Facebook Zero is a text-only version of the mobile version of Facebook (http://m.facebook.com) which allow subscriber to be able to only view all the content in text. All other images and videos will be reflected in a URL link which will incur usual data charges when subscriber clicks and link out of Facebook Zero sites.
  3. Facebook Zero is free of charge for postpaid subscribers who access it from their mobile phones using only “StarHub Data Postpaid” or “SHWAP” and prepaid subscribers using “StarHub Data Prepaid” as their access point. StarHub shall not provide any refund to the subscribers for charges incurred if the wrong access point is used by subscribers to access Facebook Zero.
  4. The subscribers can access Facebook Zero through http://0.facebook.com or http://zero.facebook.com (“ZERO Sites”) with their access point set as “StarHub Data Postpaid” or “SHWAP” for postpaid customer and “StarHub Data Prepaid”  for prepaid customer from their mobile phones.
  5. If the subscribers choose to browse pictures, images, videos or any 3rd party sites or links which are not contained within the Facebook Zero sites, they will be charged the usual data charges as according to their current data plans.
  6. It must be emphasised that Facebook Mobile (http://m.facebook.com) is not a FREE site and usual data charges shall apply. This is a Facebook full mobile site complete with pictures, images and videos link. Hence browsing this site is chargeable.
  7. Facebook Zero is provided with the sole intention of giving the subscribers an opportunity to try out the service for free and to encourage users to use data on their phones as a way of education and awareness of the social networking facility. It is not intended to mislead subscribers in thinking that all Facebook sites are free on the mobile. The subscribers agree that the usual data charges shall apply if they are trying to browse beyond the Facebook Zero scope provided above.
  8. StarHub reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at its absolute discretion and without notice. Use of the Service will constitute acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and the amendments thereof.