Terms & Conditions - Data Services


  1. Services
    1. In this Section, Services refer to the following services provided by StarHub Ltd (Reg. No. 199802208C):
      1. End-to-end International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) Service / International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) Service which means an end-to-end or POP-to-POP (point-of-presence) international network, including the local network at both ends;
      2. Bi-lateral IPLC/IEPL Service which means the Singapore-end half circuit of the international network up to our central office, excluding the local network; and/or
      3. Domestic Leased Circuit (DLC), Ethernet Leased Line (ELL), Low Latency Ethernet Leased Line and Super Direct Service (SDS) which means the local leased circuit with both its originating and terminating ends located locally.
  2. Term
    1. The types of contracts for the Services are classified based on their terms as follows:
      1. fixed term contracts - for 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-year term;
      2. variable term contracts - monthly term; and
      3. temporary contracts - weekly term.
    2. This Agreement will start on the Start Date and terminate on the expiry of the initial period of the Services. The Start Date will be the date of service requested by you and agreed to by us. If we cannot meet this date, we will give you a new Start Date.
    3. The Minimum Period of Service will, depending on the type of contract for the Services, be it 1 calendar week (for temporary contracts), 3 calendar months (for variable term contracts), 12 calendar months (for fixed term contracts) or any periods as we may state in our brochure or other publications for the respective Services.
    4. When the initial period of the Services expires, this Agreement will be automatically renewed for a further period equal to that initial period unless either party gives the other party the following length of notice of its intention not to renew before the expiry of the initial period:
      1. fixed term contracts - 30 days
      2. variable term contracts - 14 days; and
      3. temporary contracts - 7 days.
  3. Additional Charges
    1. There will be additional Charges for:
      1. provision of the Services, installation of and/or service support for the Equipment outside our normal scope of work. These include:
        1. the Services requested by you are provided at a greater costs than what we would normally incur because of the materials used, the manner of installation or the nature of the Service Address. In these cases, we will notify you of the additional Charges before the installation starts;
        2. work or services performed outside our normal working hours; and
        3. work or services necessitated because of your or any third party's action, fault or negligence or because of any fault or problem associated with any other telecommunication system which you or other Service Providers control; and
      2. our work done in response to your complaint of a fault in the Services if the work reveals no such fault.
        Please click here for more information about the Charges.
  4. Customer Service Warranty
    1. Not all Services are provisioned with Customer Service Warranty. If you accept any of the Services which expressly provides for a Customer Service Warranty, in the event of any failure of the Services or to meet an agreed delivery date for starting the Services, you agree that the compensation provided under the warranty represents a reasonable pre-estimate of all your losses. We have no further liability to you for the failure.
    2. Your rights to claim compensation from us are set out in and limited to the applicable Customer Service Warranty.
  5. Additions, Changes & Cancellations
    1. Applications for additional Services or request for changes to be made to existing Services must be given to us in writing.
  6. Ending the Services
    1. The Services may be terminated by either party giving 30 days' written notice to the other party.
    2. If you give us notice that ends during the initial period of the Services, you must pay us an early termination Charge as follows:
      1. Fixed term contract: 100% of the amount equal to the rental or regular Charges for the rest of the initial period of the Services or Minimum Period of Service.
      2. Variable term & temporary contract: The amount equal to the rental or regular Charges for the rest of the initial period of the Service or Minimum Period of Service.