Terms & Conditions - Business Wireless Broadband (4G)

  1. Business Wireless Broadband (4G) Service (“Service”) is provided by StarHub Ltd (Reg. No. 199802208C) and is a mobile broadband service for small, medium and large enterprises which may require such Service for general surfing. Business Wireless Broadband (4G) uses a share connection over our 4G mobile network. The Service is meant for customers with light usage like email, web surfing and point-of-sales transaction for their day-to-day business needs. The Service is not suitable for applications, which include video streaming, peer-to-peer streaming or downloading, as such activities that will cause congestion to the Network and affect other customers from using the Service. If customers require heavy traffic usage or 24x7 video surveillance, fixed broadband will be more appropriate for their use. You will determine whether to subscribe to the Service and will use it at your sole risk.

  2. The Service is offered on a best-effort basis, ‘up-to’ the subscribed bandwidth with no service level assurance (“SLA”). In addition to paragraph 4 below, the Service is dependent on the prevailing 4G mobile coverage at the Service Address and Premises and the relocated service address and/or premises. The Service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  3. Excess Charges for Business Wireless Broadband 4G 30GB/100GB: Any excess data charges will be charged at of $8.56 /GB (incl. GST). The monthly excess data charge cap is set at $168/month (incl. GST) and is subjected to Fair usage policy.
  4. Unlimited usage for Business Wireless Broadband 4G applies only to Business Wireless Broadband 4G Unlimited plan and is subjected to Fair usage policy.
  5. Fair Usage Policy: To ensure that the activities of some users do not impair the ability of our customers to have access to reliable services, Business Wireless Broadband 4G 30GB/100GB/Unlimited plans are conditional on fair usage for your business use only and are capped at 10GB per day. If you exceed 10GB at any point in the day, we may impose a speed limit of 1 Mbps. The speed limit will be lifted in the following day.
  6. Data Transfer Speeds: Actual data transfer speeds are affected by various factors including but not limited to our overall mobile network traffic, performance and configuration of your devices/computers, type of data accessed, location of the router, total number of users buildings (for example, structure, layout, walls, blind-spot areas), basements, underpasses and weather conditions. The foregoing factors may differ if the Service is relocated to a different Service Address and/or Premises. We do not warrant or give any guarantee on data transfer speed or any other aspect of the Service. We hereby exclude all warranties, whether express or implied by law, regarding the provision and/or use of the Service (including without limitation the accessibility, reliability or accuracy of the Service) and the performance and/or condition of the network. There is no SLA and service compensation for the Service.
  7. Concurrent Users: The Service can support up to 20 concurrent users or devices. The standard wireless router supplied by us provides Wi-Fi access. Wireless signals are sensitive to different types of interference unlike wired networks. Factors affecting wireless network connection include but not limited to physical objects such as walls, 2.4GHz frequency interference from cordless phones, microwave oven, other Wi-Fi router, shared Wi-Fi bandwidth among users, distance and location from Wi-Fi router, mixed network (802.1.1b/g/n/ac) or compatibility issues with some devices/ laptops/ tablets due to the type of chipset used.
  8. Service Commencement: The Service’s Start Date which you have indicated in the application form shall be known as the ready for service ("RFS") date. However, the provisioning lead-time and delivery of the Service is subject to prevailing network coverage, Service availability, and availability of all relevant resources. The general provisioning lead-time of the Service (computed from the following working day after we have accepted your application of the Service) is approximately 7 working days. We will use our commercially reasonable endeavours to meet the RFS date but we shall not be liable if the RFS date is not met for any reason, including due to events outside our control, including but not limited to, any third party’s act and/or omission. Subject to this clause, our RFS date shall not be more than 1 month from our date of acceptance of your application of the Service. We may not accept any application or order from you with a requested deferred RFS date of more than 1 month from the date of our receipt of your application or order.
  9. Static Plan (with 1 Static IP Address): You may request for the Service with 1x static IP address. You may subscribe to our default APN, and we will issue you with a static IP. Alternatively, you may subscribe to a Corporate APN with its range of IP addresses, and a corresponding Switched-Ethernet (“SWE”) service so that the traffic from the router is directed to your desired destination IP address. There will be separate levy on the Corporate APN and SWE services.
  10. Technical Setup: For Dynamic IP Package:  DHCP & NAPT will be enabled with dynamic IP address. For Static IP package: DHCP & NAPT will be disabled with static IP address.
  11. Order Cancellation: If you withdraw or cancel an application after it has been accepted by us but before the activation of the Service, a cancellation Charge (refer to order cancellation Charges) shall be imposed. However, you may cancel that part of the Service which we are unable to provide, without being liable to pay any cancellation Charges if the order has lapsed more than 10 working days after the RFS date and this shall constitute our entire liability and your sole and exclusive remedies for the matter. If you accept that part of the Service which we are ready to provide, you shall be deemed to have accepted the Service and shall have no further claims against us for our failure to provide the Service before the RFS date.
  12. Service Fulfillment: StarHub is responsible for providing the network connection up to the wireless router provided by us. The device should be within reach of an electrical power source to be provided by you. During service activation, we will test the connectivity and show to you that the connectivity is active before handing over the Service to you. The Service shall be deemed accepted after it has been shown that connectivity is active.
    1. Works After Business Hours: Unless otherwise notified, our business hours are from 8am to 5.30pm, Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays). You may request for installation or relocation works to be carried out after business hours or on weekends. There is a one-time Charge of $246.10 (with GST) per order/ circuit, or such other Charge as may be notified by us from time to time. This Charge will still be imposed if you cancel or postpone an appointment less than 2 hours from the appointment time, or if you fail to be present at the appointment time for our field engineers (“FE”), representatives, agents and/or contractors to carry out the necessary works.
  13. Connecting to 3rd Party Equipment (e.g. network printer): We are not able to support any 3rd party services which you may connect to the router. You will need to engage your own IT vendor to setup, maintain and troubleshoot any issues related to the 3rd party equipment and/or services. We will not be able to assist in providing any support to your 3rd party equipment and/or services or configuration on the router in relation to supporting your 3rd party equipment and/or services. If there is router replacement (e.g. due to router fault or obsolesce), you should arrange for your 3rd party service provider to be present with our FE (or representative, agent and/or subcontractor) when he is on site to reconfigure the 3rd party services to connect to the new router to avoid any disruptions to your operations. We will not be liable for any charges, losses and/or damages as a result of the router replacement.
  14. Promotional Packages: Where we offer a promotional rate for your application, that rate is applicable for a limited period of time only. At the end of the contract term, the Charges shall revert to our prevailing rates (i.e. non-promotional rates). Renewals will ensure you are enjoying the best prevailing promotional rates. Please contact your account manager or our Business Helpdesk for renewal of contract matters.
  15. Termination for convenience: Either party may terminate the Service upon 30 days’ prior written notice to the other party. Your written termination notice must be given to your account manager or our Business Helpdesk. If the Service is terminated within the Minimum Period of Service, ETC (as defined below) shall apply.
  16. Early Termination Charges (“ETC”): ETC will be applicable and payable by you if the Service is terminated after we have provisioned it and prior to the expiry of the Minimum Period of Service or Agreement by you for convenience, or by us due to your default. The ETC shall comprise of:
    1. the aggregate of the monthly recurring Charges (including rental charges, where applicable) for the remainder of the unfulfilled Minimum Period of Service; and
    2. where relevant, any Charges imposed by any third party arising from and/or in connection with the termination.
  17. Downgrade of Service Package: A downgrade of service package constitutes a termination of Service (under the current service package) and the commencement of a new service package. If you are still in a contract with us or within the Minimum Period of Service when you downgrade your service package, ETC for the current Service and service package shall apply.
  18. Upgrade of Service Package: You may upgrade your service package to a higher bandwidth during your contract term according to your business needs. You may also upgrade your Service, specifically from Business Wireless Broadband (4G) to Fibre service with no ETC if there is an increase in the monthly recurring Charges. Your account manager or any of our relevant personnel (via our Business Helpdesk) may advise you on the Charges of the new package and any Service impact for the upgrade, if any.
  19. Network Management: You confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our mobile network management policy, which may be found at http://www.starhub.com/personal/support/mobile/network-management-mobile.html or such other link as may be notified by us from time to time.
  20. Relocation: You may relocate the Service to a new premises subject to our prior written approval. Relocation Charges shall apply (refer to relocation Charges). The relocated premises will be subject to these terms and conditions, including paragraphs 3 and 4 above.
  21. Hardware Bundle: We provide the rental of wireless router/hardware as part of the Service. You are required to take care of the hardware in your premises. Replacement for loss and/or damage to the hardware is chargeable (refer to replacement of lost or damaged hardware Charges). You may contact our Technical Service Support Helpdesk for hardware related issues.
    1. You have the option to manage the router yourself. In such case, please request for the router password be released to you (in the “Router Password Managed by” section of the application form). Our FE (or representative, agent and/or subcontractor) will provide you the password during installation.
    2. You may also choose not to use the StarHub-issued router. In this case, we will not be able to configure your router or provide support for any issue related to it. You will be solely responsible for the management of the router.
  22. Technical Support: We provide 24x7 technical service support. Where necessary, we may dispatch a FE (or representative, agent and/or subcontractor) on-site to troubleshoot the issue as soon as we can. The provision of on-site support is subject to resource availability. However, you must pay us our prevailing on-site support Charges (refer to field engineer on-site Charges) if we established that the fault does not lie with us, our network and/or the hardware supplied by us.
  23. Suspension of Service: You may suspend your Service for a period up to 90 calendar days. If your Service is still in contract, the Minimum Period of Service will be extended by the period of suspension. A reactivation fee will be levied when you intend to resume your Service (refer to reconnection Charges).
  24. General Charges: The following general Charges may be levied against you: 

Excess Local Data Charges (imposed beyond data quota plan)

$8.56 per GB, with the excess local data bill capped at $168 per month.

Order Cancellation Changes (Before service is activated)


Relocation Charges


Field Engineer (FE) On-site Charges for Installation or Relocation Works After Business Hours

After business hours, on-site charges: $246.10.

Charges is still payable for cancellation or postponement if FE has been dispatched (2 hours before appointment time) or have arrived on site.

Field Engineer (FE) On-site General Charges 

$160.50 for normal office hours

Business Hours: Mon- Fri, 8am to 5.30pm (excluding public holidays)

For work after business hours, on-site charge is $246.10.

Transfer of Ownership or Account Charges

$53.50 per Service transfer

No charges for merging of accounts under the same entity.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Hardware (router or SIM card) Charges

On-site charges $160.50

Router charges $214.00

SIM card charges $37.45

Reconnection Charges (from Suspension)

$107.00 for 1st 90 calendar days of suspension or part thereof.

Termination Charges


Unless otherwise indicated, all above-quoted Charges are inclusive of GST. We reserve the right to change any of the rates from time to time without prior notice

25. Bills: The Service will be identified or itemised as “EnterpriseWeb Service” in our bills to you.