Terms & Conditions - BlackBerry® Plans


  1. StarHub Mobile customers can subscribe to any BlackBerry® data plans. Customers subscribing to the Value-added Service (VAS) need to ensure that they have an existing mobile plan.
  2. The subscription of the above data plans requires a one-time registration fee of $10.70.
  3. The subscription charges are billed monthly on the customers' mobile bills.
  4. The maximum cap charges at $36.38 per month to BlackBerry® Premium data plan includes the monthly charges and applies only to local data traffic. The customer will be charged at the prevailing rates for data traffic used outside of Singapore.
  5. StarHub Mobile customers can upgrade to the above data VASes if their accounts are not being suspended, or have any unpaid outstanding balances. Customers are advised to clear the outstanding balances owed to upgrade to the above data VASes.
  6. Other Terms & Conditions to the subscription of StarHub Mobile Data services apply.