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Community investment

StarHub is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. As we move towards an inclusive smart nation, our community investment efforts are to empower and equip less privileged youth and families in their employability and connectivity needs through the StarHub Sparks Fund.

A spark dandelion is featured in the logo. Besides the natural floral element depicted, the floating seeds of the dandelion also represent the "pay it forward" effects StarHub hopes its philanthropic and volunteerism efforts will have on its beneficiaries.

About Sparks Fund

Previously known as the IDD Empowerment Fund launched in July 2000, it was renamed to StarHub Sparks Fund in 2014 with a minimum contribution of $1miliion.

The fund is dedicated to empowering the less privileged in Singapore, specifically supporting disadvantaged youth and families in their employability and connectivity needs, as well as supporting pro-environmental efforts.

Since 2000, StarHub have invested over S$13 million to local community investments. Our corporate giving efforts have been also been recognised.

StarHub has been recognised for our exemplary corporate giving efforts at the inaugural Champions of Good in 2017.

The Champions of Good is a national recognition framework under the Company of Good, which encourages the corporate giving movement and to build a City of Good.

Employee volunteerism

As a strong advocate of employee volunteerism, StarHub supports employees in their charitable endeavour, entitling them to two days of volunteer leave a year. 

Various social outreach activities, green learning journeys are organised throughout the year to engage and raise awareness on social and environmental issues amongst employees.

The Sparkler's Initiative introduced in January 2013 supports employees to create their own social outreach events, for which they can also tap on their volunteerism leave and receive up to $1,000 matching for donations raised for their selected beneficiary.

Engaging and involving our customers

Customers are also actively involved in StarHub's philanthropic efforts to help them contribute back to society as well as to raise awareness on social and environmental issues in our community.

StarHub Rewards Redemption for Charity

Since 2009, customers can use their StarHub Rewards Points to redeem donations to 3 appointed charities, which StarHub will contribute the stipulated amount through the Sparks Fund.

The current beneficiaries include:

  • Care Corner Counselling Centre
  • MINDS Towner Garden School
  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Singapore

4G4Good Campaign

Connectivity is increasingly important in today’s world, yet some segments of our community remain disadvantaged by the lack of owning mobile handsets, connectivity services and hence access to information.

The campaign sought to address the digital divide in our community. StarHub Mobile post-paid customers pledged their unused talktime, mobile data and SMS for one month, which were donated, along with pre-loved mobile handsets to beneficiaries.

StarHub's key social outreach activities through the years

2017 (up to November)

StarHub Rewards Redemption for Charity Programme

  • $30,075 to MINDS Towner Garden School
  • $11,705 to Care Corner Counselling Centre
  • $20,900 to WWF (Singapore)


  • $50,000 contributed to the Crossroads Youth Hub (under Care Corner) to support programmes to engage and steer youths at-risk and to provide them with academic support and counselling
  • Continued sponsorship of $120,000 for the Nurture 3.0 programme. A learning visit to Kampong Kampus for StarHub employees volunteers were organised to interact with the Nurture Children through engagement activities such as games and environmental workshop.
  • $200,000 donated through the annual StarHub Open to Metta School, MINDS Towner Garden School and Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS). The sponsored programmes are targeted to provide students and clients with vocational and life skills and facilitate integration into society.
  • $10,000 contributed to REACH community services to fund bursaries for 20 at-risk youth from low income families, assisting them in academic and mentoring programme
  • $30,000 donated through the Business Times Fundraising Concert which would help to support the integration of able-bodied and special needs talents on stage from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) and School of the Arts
  • $10,000 donated to the Singapore Academy of Law to sponsor the Skills Training Assistance to Restart (STAR) Bursary to support the development and reintegration programmes for ex-offenders and their families


StarHub Rewards Redemption for Charity Programme

  • $47,860 to Minds Towner Garden School 
  • $16,420 to Care Corner Counselling Centre
  • $10,375 to WWF (Singapore)


  • $209,700 raised through the annual StarHub Open to Metta School, MINDS Towner Garden School and Lighthouse School


  • Continued to sponsor the Nurture 2.0 Programme with a $200,000 donation
  • $16,420 donated to Daughters of Tomorrow, helping single or disadvantaged mothers get employability skills, in conjunction with the National Day Campaign


  • A record of 122 shavees including employees, business partners and customers went bald in support of children with cancer, raising a total of $122,000


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