Sports Group FAQ

1. Why StarHub rebranding Golf Channel to SuperSports 4?

In the revamp of SuperSports, contents will be housed under new channels and enhanced in HD for an even more enjoyable viewing experience.

Golf Channel will become SuperSports 4 and you can continue to enjoy golf programmes plus new snooker and sailing events.


2. When will the new channel line up/rebranding start?

It will take place on 31 December 2014, 6am.


3. What is changed in the rebranding of Golf Channel to SuperSports 4?

Golf content will continue to be available on SuperSports 4 plus new snooker and sailing events.

With the revamp, there will be a reshuffle of selected sports channels. Please refer to the Sports Channel Guide for details of the new channel numberings.         


4. Do I need to power off and power on my set-top boxes to see the changes?

No, you do not need to power off and power on your set-top boxes to see the change. During the transition, if you are tuned in to affected channels, you will be tuned to the nearest channel. Simply tune back to the new channel numbers and you will be able to continue watching your programmes.


5. Will SuperSports 4 be available in High Definition?

Yes, the channel will be available in High Definition.

To access High Definition Channels, HubStation HD or HD Interactive set-top box is required. Customers using SD set-top boxes will be receiving Standard Definition Feed.


6. Will there be change in the price for Sports Group?

There will not be any change in price for Sports Group, it will remain at $19.26/month.


7. What will happen to the programme I had selected for recording?

Recording for programmes on Golf Channel may be disrupted after 31 December 2014. If you have programmed a recording by series, please check and re-program the recording after 31 December 2014, 9am.


8. What is the Supersports 4 Free Preview about?

The “SuperSports 4 Free Preview” is to give our StarHub TV customers the opportunity to sample the exciting sports programmes available on the newly revamped SuperSports 4 channel (Ch 204).

All StarHub TV customers will be able to catch this free preview on the respective channels from 31 December, 9am till 13 January, 12pm.

StarHub TV customers can also enjoy the free preview on their mobile, laptop or tablets with StarHub TV Anywhere. Simply login with your Hub iD. Download the App on App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store or watch it on


9. I do not subscribe to StarHub TV.  Will I still get to enjoy this free preview?

No, this free preview is available only to StarHub TV customers.


10. Where can I find the schedules for SuperSports 4?

You can view the schedules via the On-screen TV Guide. For more updated programming schedule, please refer to the Online Programme Guide available at


11. I am an existing Sports Group subscriber, will I get a discount off my subscription since you are offering them on free preview?

As this free preview offers just a sneak preview of the programming in the SuperSports 4 (Ch 204) within Sports Group over a limited period, we will not be giving discounts to existing customers.


12. After the preview ends, how can I subscribe and how much is the cost?

Sports Group is available at $19.26/month. To subscribe, you may press the blue button on your remote control to buy instantly or login to My Account with your Hub iD.