Instant Buy


1. What is the Instant Buy feature about? How do I subscribe to a channel or On Demand Channel using this feature?

Instant Buy is a new feature available on HubStation, HubStation HD or HD Interactive set-top box. With this new feature, you can subscribe to channels (except Horse Racing Channel) instantly with your remote control.

To subscribe to a channel using Instant Buy, simply follow these instructions:

Press the number of the channel or On Demand Channel you want to subscribe to. There will be an on-screen prompt. Press the BLUE button on your remote control and the subscription details will be available. To proceed with the subscription, press the BLUE button again and select "YES" to confirm your subscription. Upon successful transaction, the channel will be activated and you can start enjoying these channels immediately. The charges will be added to your cable TV monthly bill automatically.

2. Why can’t I subscribe to Horse Racing Channel using the Instant Buy feature? 

Horse Racing channel is only available to customers with a Turf Club tele-bet account. As these verifications cannot be automated, subscription to these channels can only be done via Singapore Turf Club at 6879 1388 from Mondays to Fridays (8am to 5pm) and weekends (10.30am to the last race of the day)

3. Will the channel I subscribed to on the HubStation be activated on my additional set-top boxes automatically? 

Yes, any channel you subscribe to on the HubStation will automatically be on your additional set-top boxes on the same day.

4. How can I prevent accidental purchases by kids or other family members?

You can enable a subscription lock to prevent accidental purchases by other family members. You will be prompted to enter the PIN before the processing of the subscription happens. To enable the subscription lock:

  1. Press MENU on your remote control and select "TV Guide".
  2. Press the RIGHT arrow button and scroll to "Subscription Lock".
  3. Press OK to enter and you will be prompted to enter the PIN. The PIN is the same as the Parental Lock PIN. If you have not changed the PIN, the default PIN is 000000.
  4. Press RIGHT arrow to select "Yes" and OK button to confirm. The Subscription Lock will now be enabled.

5. If I subscribe to a channel which is offered as part of a group (e.g. Sports Group), will the rest of the channels, or On Demand Channels in the same group be activated?

Yes, subscribing to one channel will automatically activate all of the other channels in its group.

6. Can I terminate the subscription of any channels using this feature?

No, this feature only supports the addition of channels and On Demand Channels to your StarHub TV subscription. If you wish to downgrade your subscription, or terminate the subscription to any channel, you may call 1633, or visit