TV Network Upgrade Exercise


As part of our effort to ensure a seamless and hassle-free TV experience for our viewers, we will be upgrading our network infrastructure.

StarHub TV customers with the following set-top boxes will be required to either:

  1. Change your existing set-top box.
  2. Replace the existing smartcard on your set-top box with the new smartcard that will be mailed to you

Customers affected by the TV Network Upgrade Exercise will receive a letter with information on the required action. This letter will be mailed out to subscribers progessively.


List of affected set-top boxes

Set-top box Model What are you required to do?

HubStation (with black smartcard) DCI62SHB A letter with the new smartcard will be mailed to you. You are required to activate the new smartcard on your set-top box within 1 to 2 weeks of receiving of it.
HubStation HD (with black smartcard) DCI82SHB
HD Interactive set-top box (with black smartcard) CISCO4586DVB

Other Information:

Refer to Smartcard Activation Guide 2

Smartcard Activation Video Guide 2

Set-top box Model What are you required to do?
All Digital set-top boxes

You are required to change your existing set-top box to any one of the set-top boxes listed here.


You may change your set-top boxes at the list of participating Exclusive Partners

All Digital set-top boxes SCV-2110C
All rental HD set-top boxes SCV-3800C

Items to bring:

To change your set-top box, please bring along all of the following items to the list of Exclusive Partners outlets indicated in the letter:

  • Existing set-top box
  • RCA Cable
  • Component Cable
  • Power Cable

 Please ensure that all items are presented . Any  damaged or missing items will be chargeable.

Authorisation of third party:

If you wish to authorise another party to change out the box on your behalf, please ensure he/she present all of the following items:

  • Authorisation Letter
  • Original / Printed copy of the subscriber’s NRIC
  • Original NRIC of the person who is authorised to change the set-top box on behalf of the subscriber

Please ensure all the necessary documents indicated  above are presented, as we will not be able to process the box swap without all the necessary documents


RCA Cable Component Cable
Power Cable


  • Set-top boxes which are already using the new smartcard (grey smartcard) will not be affected by this exercise so no action is required.


Frequently Asked Questions

For technical assistance, please call 1633 or submit your particulars here and our Customer Care Consultant will contact you.