Redeeming Points

1. How can I do my Rewards redemption? 

Mode of Redemption You Need Benefit

StarHub Rewards Catalogue at

Hub iD

Enjoy savings of 100 Rewards Points per redemption


My StarHub App

Hub iD

Phone Self Help at 1633

(Press 5 to select StarHub Rewards Program)

Document ID (NRIC/FIN/Passport) / Postpaid Mobile No

2. Can i approach your staff at Customer Service Centre or Hotline to do my Rewards redemption?

Yes, you may approach our staff to assist you in your Rewards redemption. However, you will not enjoy the 100 Rewards Points savings per redemption. 

Please take note that for selected Rewards products that require Rewards Mailer, our Customer Service Team will not be able to provide you the copy immediately. You will still be required to wait at least 10 working days for the Rewards Mailer to reach you. Rewards Product which is available in evoucher, the Customer Service Team is able to send you the email confirmation and assist you with evoucher printout immediately. 

3. What are the products and services I can redeem for?

We have a variety of exciting loyalty offerings lined up for you.

  • Lifestyle offerings: Eat / Shop / Play
  • StarHub Services: Bill Rebates / Modem & Routers / Digital Services / Prepaid Services

To check the latest loyalty offerings, do visit and make your redemption.

4. Can I redeem for more than one item if I have sufficient Rewards Points?

Yes, you can redeem more than one item so long if you have sufficient Rewards Points. However, some of the Rewards Products and Services are limited in quantity and we may need to limit the no. of redemption per customer. Each redemption item comes with their terms of usage, kindly refer to the Terms and Conditions before your proceed with your redemption.

5. I used to do recurring redemption for StarHub Services, why is the recurring redemption feature is no longer available?

As part of the yearly review process, we have removed multiple month redemption as of 27 May 2013. We are constantly looking out for new initiatives to excite our customers. Should you wish to redeem for bill rebate, you may still do so and visit the catalogue monthly at . 

Alternatively, you may wish to convert your Rewards Points for cash to Charity organisation, convert to BIG Points to redeem for FREE AirAsia flights or convert to NTUC LinkPoints to offset your grocery shopping at Fairprice. Stay tune for more updates and refresh in the catalogue.

6. How do I receive my redemption confirmation? 

Lifestyle Redemption


IT Product

Prepaid Services

StarHub Shop Vouchers


  • Email Confirmation (with evoucher attached) to your Hub ID email address
  • Print out the eVoucher at the Thank You Page or Transaction History.

Lifestyle Redemption (Rewards Mailer)

  • Email confirmation will be sent to your Hub ID email address.
  • Please allow 10 working days for the Rewards Mailer to be sent to your Billing Address

Bill Rebates

  • Email confirmation will be sent to your Hub ID email address.
  • Credit amount will be posted to your selected StarHub Account with effect on the next bill cycle

Digital Services

  • Email Confirmation (with unique code) to your Hub ID email address which you can redeem online.


  • Email Confirmation to your Hub ID email address



  • To redeem your Rewards redemption (except Digital Services), please bring along your Rewards Mailer or print out the eVoucher together with your Document ID. 


7. What is the validity period of StarHub Rewards redemption?

The validity of the StarHub Rewards redemption varies from different Products to services. Redeemed transactions must be utilised within the specified validity period. There will not be any extension of the validity period for your redeemed transactions.   

8. I have changed my mind and would like to cancel my Rewards redemption. Can you help me cancel my redemption? 

There is no cancellation or change allowed on the Rewards redemption item once you have submitted your request.

9.  In the previous StarHub Rewards Programme, I can redeem for my service subscription or Value-added services. Why are these redemption items no longer available?

We have simplified the services redemption experience for our StarHub Customers with the introduction of bill rebates. You can now enjoy rebates on your bill(s) across all your StarHub Services under each billing account. Bill rebates redemption is available in various denominations and is applicable once per calendar month per active billing account.

10. I have added my Rewards items in my Redemption basket. How long will these items be valid? 

The maximum period that we can hold your Rewards item request is one month, subject to stock availability. However, we recommend you to check out your request as soon as you have firm up your choices to avoid any out of stock situation.