Points Gifting


1. Can I give my Rewards points to my family members or friends using StarHub services?

Yes! You can now gift your Rewards Points to your families and friends and they can enjoy greater rewards. Simply enter the required information to complete the request and SMS (local number only) or email will be sent to them.  

2. Will I receive any email confirmation when I give my Rewards Points away?

Yes, there will be email confirmation sent to your email address stated in Member’s Profile Tab upon completing the Gift Points redemption. 

3. I received Rewards Points from my families and friends. How long will these Rewards Points be valid for? 

These Rewards Points given to you will be valid for 60 days, rounding up to the end of the month. 

Rewards Points Received from Families and Friends

These Rewards Points will expire on

500 Rewards Points on 15 Jan 2013

31 March 2013 (60 days, round up to end of each month)

4. Can I transfer Rewards Points that are given to me to someone else? 

No, these Rewards Points are not transferrable. 

5. How do I utilise these Rewards Points for my redemption since it has early expiry compared to my regular Rewards Points?

When you make any redemption, the loyalty system will handle the deduction of Rewards Points based on the earlier expiry.