About HubTreats

  1. What is HubTreats?
    HubTreats is a new lifestyle app that treats you to more of the things you love!

    Enjoy great deals, earn points, save big on your StarHub bill and redeem a host of rewards. Now you can eat, shop and play – then let your lifestyle help pay your StarHub bills and more!

      Get the latest dining, shopping & lifestyle deals at your fingertips.
    • EARN
      Earn HubTreats points by enjoying or simply viewing deals.
    • REDEEM
      Convert to StarHub Rewards points and redeem bill rebates or a variety of EAT.SHOP.PLAY items from our rewards catalogue!
  2. Who will qualify for HubTreats programme?
    All StarHub residential customers and StarHub Customers who signed up under a corporate scheme with recurring monthly StarHub bills are qualified for HubTreats programme. 
  3. Is there a fee for HubTreats programme?
    There is no fee required for this programme.
  4. How will my information be used on the HubTreats?
    Your information and contact details are used solely for administrative and marketing purposes associated with the HubTreats programme. These may include but not limited to sending you updates on deals and promotions.
  5. If I accidentally delete HubTreats mobile app, will my HubTreats points earn still remain?
    When you re-register the HubTreats App using the same mobile number which was used in the last registration, the points earned during the first-time registration will be retained in this case.

    Please note that any points that are earned before performing the re-registration in HubTreats maybe lost.
  6. If I replace my new mobile phone or my phone is stolen, what should I do?
    You should download HubTreats App into your new phone and register using the same mobile number which you have used in the previous phone. All the earned points will be retained.