Roam Manager


1. What is Roam Manager?

Roam Manager is a free service from StarHub, allowing customers to check for roaming rates, check data roaming usage, set data roaming usage alerts or get emergency numbers.

2. How do I subscribe for the Roam Manager service?

There is no need to subscribe for this service. You can start this service by keying *100# and pressing send.

3. Will there be data roaming charges for using Roam Manager?

No, Roam Manager will not incur any data roaming charge.

4. Which phone models will Roam Manager work with?

Roam Manager will work with any phone model.

5. Why do I encounter errors when using Roam Manager in Singapore?

Roam Manager is only available for use in overseas.

6. What should I do if I do not receive a response when using the Roam Manager overseas?

Roam Manager is supported by most roaming partners overseas. In the event that Roam Manager fails to work with one of the roaming operators that you've selected, kindly switch to another roaming operator and try again.

7. Can I check my accumulated usage over 2 or more days?

No, Roam Manager is currently only able to track your daily usage.

8. If I have a DataRoam Monthly 10MB plan, does Roam Manager include this bundled data when I check my data usage?

No, Roam Manager will only track the excess usage charges after you have completely utilised the given data bundle in the DataRoam Monthly plan.

9. Does Roam Manager track data usage charge in Conexus Mobile Alliance Network?

Yes, Roam Manager will track the data usage charges used in Conexus Mobile Alliance Network, and calculate the usage charges based on Conexus' promotional rates. Example, if a customer is having unlimited surfing in a country with the Conexus network and if his usage charges are capped at $15, Roam Manager will show only the $15 charge to the customer.

10. If I am a DataRoam Plan Subscriber and if I've also utilised data with a Conexus operator, can Roam Manager track all the data usage charges?

Currently, Roam Manager usage charge tracking is only able to include either DataRoam or Conexus usage charges but not both. Hence, Roam Manager will not include data usages in Conexus Mobile Alliance Network for DataRoam subscribers.