DataRoam Monthly


1. How do these new DataRoam Monthly data plan work?

StarHub’s four new DataRoam Monthly data plans are available as Value-Added services to a mobile voice plan or data pack plan. These data plans offer customers with substantial savings in data roaming, allowing customers to enjoy worry-free surfing or checking of emails on their smartphones. These data plans, bundled with 10MB - 100MB data, are for use in selected overseas destinations and roaming partners.

2. Who can subscribe to these DataRoam Monthly data plans?

DataRoam Monthly data plans are open to International Roaming service subscribers who are using

  • 4G or SmartSurf HD plans
  • Any other mobile voice plan with MaxMobile/BlackBerry® VAS, or
  • MaxMobile/BlackBerry® Data Pack plans

3. How many destinations do DataRoam Monthly data plans cover?

At launch, the DataRoam Monthly data plans cover 21 destinations with 31 roaming partners.

4. Can I use DataRoam data plans locally?

No. The DataRoam data plans are only available for use overseas.

5. Can I roll over my unused DataRoam Monthly data plans’ bundled data to the next month?

No. The bundled data is meant for the current month’s (customer’s bill cycle) consumption and cannot be rolled over to the next month.

6. What is the excess data usage charge for DataRoam Monthly data plans?

Excess data roaming usage will be charged at the prevailing roaming rate of $20/MB.

7. If I terminate the DataRoam Monthly data plan in the middle of my bill cycle, do I get a pro-rated refund?

No. There will be no refund when you terminate your DataRoam Monthly service, even if it is in the middle of your bill cycle.