Maritime Connectivity


  1. What is maritime connectivity?

    It is a roaming service that enables StarHub Postpaid subscribers to make and receive voice calls, send and receive SMS and use data onboard a maritime vessel. The service is provided by StarHub in partnership with On-Waves and Telenor Maritime.

  2. Who is eligible to use maritime connectivity services?

    All StarHub Postpaid mobile subscribers who are subscribed to either International Roaming or Pay-As-You-Roam are eligible to use maritime connectivity services. A 20% surcharge applies for Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers.

  3. As a StarHub customer, on which vessels can I use maritime connectivity services?

    Currently, you can use maritime connectivity services provided by On-Waves or Telenor Maritime on selected maritime vessels operated by the following liners.

    On-Waves: Blue Star Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Celebrity Cruises, Celtic Link Ferries, C.I.P., European Sealines, Finnlines, Grimaldi Lines, LDA Lines, Louis Cruises Lines, Majestic Cruises, Minoan Lines, MSC, Narwhal Maritime, Naviera Armas, P&O Ferries, Pullmantur-RCI, Quail/Happy Cruises, Scandlines, SNCM, Star Clippers, Superfast Ferries, Thomson Cruises, Windstar Cruises

    Telenor Maritime: AIDA Cruises, Algérie Ferries, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, Color Line, Silversea, Costa Crociere, Cunard Line, La Compagnie Tunisiene De Navigation, DeepOcean, DFDS SeawaysFjordline, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines, GulfMark, Havfisk, Hurtigruten Group, Intership, Irish Ferries, Mano Maritime, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceaneering, P&O Cruises

    Australia, P&O Cruises, Paul Gauguin Cruises, PGS, Phoenix Reisen, Polferries, Princess Cruises, Scandlines, Shell, Smyril Line, Statoil, Stena Line, Subsea 7, Viking Ocean Cruises, Visemar Di Navigazione S.r.l., BP, ConocoPhillips, Lie Gruppen, Hermes, Odd Lundberg AS, Fiskebas, Grand Circle Cruise Line, Lundin, North Sea Shipping

  4. How can I know for sure if On-Waves or Telenor Maritime mobile network is available on the maritime vessel before my departure date?

    You are advised to check directly with the company operating the vessel about the availability of the mobile network prior to your departure date.

  5. How do I log onto On-Waves or Telenor Maritime to use voice, SMS and data roaming services?

    Ensure “Flight mode” or “Airplane mode” is turned off, then go to “Setting” -> “Carrier” or “Mobile Network”

    For On-Waves: Select “On-Waves” or “274-08”.

    For Telenor Maritime: Select “Telenor Maritime” or “901 12” or “TelenorMar” or “MCP” or “MCP Maritime Com”

  6. How can I start using data roaming on On-Waves or Telenor Maritime?

    You need to first subscribe to either StarHub International Roaming or StarHub Pay-As-You-Roam. Thereafter, you just need to turn on data roaming on your phone setting and get connected automatically.

  7. What are the data charges?

    All StarHub International Roaming subscribers will be charged $25/day for unlimited roaming data usage for each SIM card. For StarHub Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers, a 20% surcharge applies. The data session will be reset at 00:00hrs, based on Singapore’s time.

  8. I am a StarHub MultiSIM user. Will my data roam usage on both SIM cards be combined?

    For MultiSIM customers, roaming data usages will be billed and charged separately for each SIM card.

    For example, if you use both SIM cards for data roam on the same day and incur 10MB for each SIM card, you will be charged $25 per day x 2 (i.e. $25 per day for each SIM card). A 20% surcharge applies for Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers.

  9. How much will I be charged if my data roam usage did not reach the daily usage cap?

    You will be charged $0.02 per KB before you reach the daily usage cap. A 20% surcharge applies on top of prevailing rates for StarHub Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers.

  10. I do not want to incur accidental data roaming charges. How do I log onto the maritime mobile network to use roaming voice and SMS services only?

    Ensure “Mobile Data” and “Data roaming” settings are turned off on your phone, then go to “Setting” -> “Carrier” or “Mobile Network”

    For On-Waves: Select “On-Waves” or “274-08”.

    For Telenor Maritime: Select “Telenor Maritime” or “901 12” or “TelenorMar” or “MCP” or “MCP Maritime Com”

  11. Can I get connected immediately once I enter the maritime vessel?

    You can get connected when the vessel is at least 2 nautical miles away from the port. You are advised to check with the crew onboard on the specific time the mobile network will be made available as this will differ for each vessel.

  12. Can I use roaming services with a StarHub Prepaid SIM on a maritime mobile network?

    No, only StarHub Mobile Postpaid customers can use roaming services on a maritime mobile network.