Inflight Connectivity


1. As a StarHub customer, on which airline can I use inflight connectivity services?

Currently, you can use OnAir or AeroMobile service on selected aircraft with Singapore Airlines or other airlines. The cabin crew on the flight will make an announcement if a inflight connectivity service is available.

2. Which roaming services are available with OnAir or AeroMobile service?

You can SMS or access data for reading email, Web browsing, download apps, etc.

3. Can I get connected immediately once I enter the aircraft?

You can use OnAir or AeroMobile service during cruising flight but not on ground, during aircraft take-off or landing.

4. How do I log onto inflight connectivity service?

Ensure “Flight mode” or “Airplane mode” is turned off, then go to “Setting” -> “Carrier” or “Mobile Network”

For OnAir: Select “OnAir” or “90115”.

For Aeromobile: Select “AeroMob” or “AeroMobile” or “90114”

Reply to the welcome message containing the case-sensitive code.

5. What are the data charges? 

International Roaming subscribers will be charged $25/day for unlimited roaming data usage for each SIM card. For Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers, a 20% surcharge applies. The data session will be reset at 00:00hrs, based on Singapore’s time.

6. Can I use StarHub Prepaid SIM with inflight connectivity services?

No, OnAir or AeroMobile service is only available to StarHub Mobile Postpaid customers.