Data Roaming On Vodafone Networks FAQ


1. How is data roaming on the Vodafone and StarHub partner network unique?

StarHub Mobile postpaid customers roaming on designated Vodafone and StarHub partner networks will enjoy discounted data roaming rates. For each SIM Card, customers will be charged a flat fee of $25 for the 1st 100MB of data roaming usage in a day. Excess data charges are at the rate of $3 per MB (in incremental blocks of 1KB) within the same day. Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers who use data roaming on the designated Vodafone and StarHub partner networks will pay an additional 20% surcharge on the charges set out above. Discounted data roaming rates will be reset at 00:00hr, based on Singapore's time.

2. How much savings will I enjoy?

With prevailing roaming data charges set at $20 per MB, a 100MB roaming data will cost you $2000. With data roaming on Vodafone and StarHub partner networks, you will only pay $25 for 1st 100MB (rate at as low as $0.25/MB) in a day. Thus, you'll be enjoying up to 98% savings on your data roaming charges with designated Vodafone and StarHub partner networks. Checking emails, browsing web pages and updating Facebook as you roam has never been so affordable.

3. Will Pay-As-You-Roam subscribers be charged differently?

Yes, Pay-As-You-Roam customers will pay 20% surcharge on top of the amount payable by International Roaming subscribers.

4. How do I know if I am roaming on the designated Vodafone and StarHub partner networks covered in the promotion?

You will be able to see the roaming operators being displayed on your mobile phone while you are roaming overseas. To determine if an operator is a designated Vodafone or StarHub partner network covered in the promotion, you may wish to refer to the list at, and manually select the relevant Vodafone or StarHub partner network to enjoy the discounted data roaming rate.

5. How will I be charged if I've already used up the 100MB of roaming data but want to use a further 30MB of data in the same day?

Your 1st 100MB usage will be charged at $25 while the additional 30MB will be charged at $3/MB (in incremental blocks of 1KB). Hence, you will have to pay $115 for this stated amount of usage.