4G Roaming

1. What is 4G Roaming?

4G Roaming offers customers with faster data roam speed than 3G Roaming. StarHub postpaid mobile customers who are enjoy 4G on StarHub’s 4G Network will be able to roam and enjoy 4G experience on selected roaming operators that support 4G.

2. How can I enjoy 4G Roaming?

You need to use a 4G mobile device (handset/dongle/tablet), subscribe to any SmartSurf HD or Lite, XS, S, M, L, XL plans or 4G mobile plan or MaxMobile Elite (6GB/11GB) datapack plan and subscribe to International Roaming service or Pay-As-You-Roam service.

3. How much do I need to pay for data roam usage on roaming operators that support 4G Roaming?

Prevailing standard data roam rates apply for data roam usage on roaming operators that support 4G Roaming. You can also enjoy the relevant data roam promotion and data roam plans on preferred roaming operators that support 4G Roaming. Please visit www.starhub.com/roaming to check on data roam rates, data roam promotions and data roam plans.

4. How do I know if I am connected to 4G Roaming?
When you are connected on 4G network, your 4G mobile device will show “4G” or “LTE”.

5. What happens if I am out of 4G Roaming coverage?

4G Roaming coverage and speed depend on roaming operators’ coverage. You can connect to 3G/2G network if there is no 4G coverage in that area.