Top Up via EZ-Link Kiosk

  1. What is EZ-Link Kiosk top up for and when will it be available?
    StarHub Prepaid customers can top-up their prepaid mobile via EZ-Link card at designated EZ-Link Kiosks. 

  2. What is the denomination available via EZ-Link Kiosk?
    The available denominations are $10, $15 Happy55, $17 Happy Stars, $20, $25 Happy Stars Plus, $28 Happy 128 & $30 

  3. What is the payment mode?
    Payment mode is strictly by EZ-Link card only.

  4. Is it available at all or selected EZ-Link Kiosks?
    Available at kiosks located at Community Centres and Car Parks only

  5. Do I get to enjoy any top up bonus or free SMS if I top-up my Mobile Prepaid SIM via EZ-Link Kiosk?
    Yes, top up bonus and free SMS will be given, similar to the existing physical top up cards. 

    Note: All transactions such as SMS or outgoing calls will first be deducted from the wallet that has a shorter validity to prevent forfeiting of credits – bonus credit is valid for 1 month unless otherwise stated. Free SMS is valid for 6 months.

  6. Can I ask for a refund for a top-up?
    There is strictly no refund for a successful/approved transaction. 

  7. I had topped-up to a wrong Prepaid card number, can I request for refund and top-up this amount to my other Prepaid SIM card instead?
    We are sorry, there is strictly no refund for a successful/approved transaction. 

  8. What should I do if my Prepaid SIM was not topped-up after successful transaction at the kiosk?
    Upon a successful top up, you will receive a SMS notification on your prepaid number. Please call EZ-Link hotline if you did not receive the SMS within 5 minutes.

  9. Will the transaction get approved if I have entered an invalid Prepaid mobile number?
    You will be required to enter your prepaid number twice at the EZ-Link kiosk system. Please ensure that the number is entered correctly.

  10. What is EZ-Link Customer Service hotline?  
    For more help on EZ-Link kiosk, please call Customer Service Hotline at 64968300 from 8AM to 6PM daily, excluding public holidays.