Activating your Prepaid Internet SIM service


First time $18 Prepaid Internet SIM users

1. Simply insert your Internet SIM card into your device and you are ready to surf.

Plan extension for returning user

Launch your browser and proceed to our self-help portal.

1. Log in with your Internet SIM number and password.

2. If there is insufficient credit in the main balance of your Internet SIM to activate a data plan, please top up online with a Visa/MasterCard debit or credit card. You can also select "Top up using Happy Prepaid Top-up card" at the self-help portal.

3. Proceed to to activate a data plan upon the successful top-up of credit to your Internet SIM.

4. You will be able to start surfing upon the successful activation of your data plan.

3 easy ways to top up your Prepaid Internet SIM


1. Happy Prepaid Top-Up Cards

1. Online: Log on to the self-help portal and select "Top up with Top-Up Card".

2. Mobile: Key *112* <10 digit top-up card number>*<6-digit PIN number># and SEND. You will then receive an SMS notifying you on your new card balance and expiry date upon the successful top-up of your Internet SIM.


Not applicable for Happy $128 Prepaid Top-up Card and Happy Stars/Happy Stars Plus Prepaid Top-up Card

2. Credit Card Top-Up

1. Simply proceed to our online top-up page and select "Top-Up now" to do a top-up using your credit card.


Only VISA/MasterCard Debit/Credit cards are accepted.

3. Electronic Top-Up

1. Applicable at all AXS, SAM, DBS/POSB ATMs, EZ-Link Kiosks and OCBS ATMs.