StarHub Youth Perks

1.  Why are Youth Perks promotion only applicable for 4G 3 & 4G 4 mobile plans and not for other mobile plans?

The promotion is specially created for the needs of the Youths to make the most popular plans even better for them.

2.  I am currently on the 4G 300M/5/6/12 plan with the previous Youth Perks promotion (eg 1GB Data Upsize for 24 months). Can I keep my existing Youth Perks if I recontract to the same mobile plan?

No. Recontract customer can only choose between the 4G 3 or 4G 4 to enjoy the Youth Perks promotion. Youth Perks are not applicable for any other mobile plans from 7 Nov 2015.

3.  If I downgrade from 4G3 to 4G300M or upgrade to 4G 5/6/12 mobile plan, will my Youth Plan benefit cease?

No. The Youth Plan benefit will remain. However, standard downgrade fee is applicable for customer downgrading his mobile plan

4.  Can I subscribe for SharePlus Parent / SharePlus Child with Youth Perks mobile line?

No. Youth Plan cannot be converted to SharePlus Parent or SharePlus Child line while in contract.

5.  Can I add additional 1/2/3GB Data Upsize VAS to the a 4G plan with Youth Perks?

No. As the Youth Perks consist of a  FREE 3GB data with Plus 3, no further data upsize VAS can be added.

6.  Can I exchange Unlimited SMS feature with additional 1GB data upsize?

No. The given promotion cannot be exchanged for other VAS or services.

7.  I am on existing 4G plan with Youth Perks and not due for re-contract yet, can I change to this new Youth Perks promotion?

No. The new Youth Perks promotion is only available to customers who re-contract from 1 July 2016 onwards.

8.  Can I enjoy Hub Club discount/membership with the new Youth Perks?

Yes. 4G Mobile plans with Youth Perks are eligible for Hub Club membership and discount

9.  How many Youth Perks can I subscribe to?

You can only sign up to one (1) 4G plan with Youth Perks with valid student or NSF pass

10.  Can my parent/guardian subscribe on my behalf for the Youth Perks promotion?

Yes. Your parent/guardian can subscribe to a 4G plan with Youth Perks under his/her name with your valid student or NSF pass.

11.  Can I renew the Unlimited SMS without re-contract?

No. Unlimited SMS is offered as part of Youth Perks promotion and only available with a new line sign up or re-contract to a 2-year 4G 3/4G 4 mobile plan.