StarHub Youth Perks


  1. How can I be eligible for Youth Perks?
    1. 18 years – 24 years signing up for a mobile line under your NRIC/FIN or (ii) Parents signing up a mobile line for your child of age 24 years and below with the following documents:
      1. NRIC or Birth Certificate (Singaporean / PR)
      2. Student pass (issued by MOM or MOE)
    2. For Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) sign-up criteria:
      1. Staff Pass is mandatory for customer to enjoy CIS discount
    3. If original staff pass is not available, we can accept either of the following documents :
      1. A copy of pay slip (issued within 3 months from date of sign up/recontract) OR
      2. Proof of employment document endorsed by Company’s HR (Issued within 3 months from date of sign up/recontract) OR
      3. Medical Card and the medical card must meet the following requirements. Medical card will be rejected if it has expired
        or if any of the required details are missing:
        1. Company Name
        2. Company Logo
        3. Customer Name as indicated in NRIC / FIN
        4. Customer Doc ID as indicated in NRIC / FIN
        5. Expiry Date
    4. Existing CIS discount will be removed if Staff Pass or any of the alternative documents are not presented during re-contract.
      Each eligible Youth is entitled to sign up for one Youth Perks Promotion per document ID only.
  2. I am currently on the 4G3/4 plan with the previous Youth Perks promotion (eg Unlimited SMS for 24 months). Can I keep my existing Youth Perks if I recontract to the new Lite Plan and XS/S/M/L/XL Plans? 

    No, the current Youth Perks applies when you recontract to applicable mobile plans.

  3. Can I subscribe for SharePlus Parent / SharePlus Child with Youth Perks mobile line?

    Yes, Youth Perks (Free 1GB for 24mths) is only applicable for sign-ups of new SharePlus Child line.

  4. Can I add additional 1/2/3GB Data Upsize VAS to the Lite Plan and XS/S/M/L/XL Plans with Youth Perks?

    No, further data upsize VAS can't be added.

  5. Can I enjoy Hub Club discount/membership with the new Youth Perks?

    Yes. The Lite Plan and XS/S/M/L/XL Plans with Youth Perks are eligible for Hub Club membership and discount.

  6. How many Youth Perks can I subscribe to?

    Each eligible customer is entitled to sign up for one Youth Perk Promotion per document ID.

  7. I have 3 children, can I sign up for 3 mobile lines with Youth Perks for them?

    Yes, you can enjoy the youth perks on the 3 mobile lines with valid document IDs of your child, subjected to general mobile service sign up eligibility