BlackBerry®Prepaid Cessation


  1. Why is StarHub retiring BlackBerry Prepaid Data Plans?

    As part of StarHub's continuous effort to bring more value and seamless service to our customers, prepaid blackberry data users can now switch to our Prepaid Data Plans to continue their data services on selected BlackBerry devices. Furthermore, with Prepaid Data Plans,  you can continue to enjoy data roaming services when you travel over 12 destinations without paying additional roaming charges.

  2. What are the supported BlackBerry devices and what alternative do BlackBerry users have?

    For users of BlackBerry device Q, Z and above series with OS version 10 and above, you can continue to use your device with our Prepaid Data Plans. However, users with older BlackBerry device 8, 9 series and below may want to consider upgrading your devices to continue to use BlackBerry Messaging and email services. Alternatively, if you are not using your device for BlackBerry services, you just need to switch over to our Prepaid Data Plans for your data needs.

  3. When is the last day I can activate BlackBerry Prepaid service?

    The last day of service activation is on 31 May 2017. With effect from 1 June 2017, the service will not be available for activation.

  4. If I have activated a 30-day plan service on 31 May, can I still use the service on the last day of the plan which is on 30 June?

    Yes, you may continue to use the service until the last day of expiry until 30 June 2017.