BlackBerry® Prepaid Technical Issues


If I have activated a 7-days BlackBerry® Prepaid for Individual plan, why am I not receiving 'push' emails to my BlackBerry® device?

You can try to reset your device by turning it off, then turn it on again.

I have activated a 7-days BlackBerry® Prepaid for Individual plan. If I have depleted the free bundled data before my plan expires, will I still receive 'push' emails to my device?

Yes, you will still send/receive 'push' emails on your BlackBerry® device throughout the 7-days period even though you have depleted your free bundled data.

I have passed my previous BlackBerry® device to another user, will he/she be able to receive my personal emails pushed to the device?

No, new users will not be able to automatically receive your personal email. To setup his/her personal email account, the new user will just need to click on the "Email Settings" icon/application in the Setup folder.

I am a BlackBerry® Prepaid for Corporate user, what happens when I switch to a new BlackBerry® device?

You will need to ask your BlackBerry® Administrator to reset your Enterprise Activation password so that you can sync your office email to push mails to the new BlackBerry® device.

I have changed to a new BlackBerry® device, however my personal email is not being pushed to the new device. Why is this so?

After changing to a new BlackBerry® device, you are required to re-setup your personal email account on the new device.

To setup your personal email, simply click on the "Email Settings" icon/application in the Setup folder. You will be prompted to validate the existing pop3/imap account(s) integrated with the Happy Prepaid SIM that was previously activated with BlackBerry® Prepaid. Once done, your personal email will be pushed to your new BlackBerry® device.

What number can I call for technical support?

For technical support, please call 1633.

Will I be charged for internet access via "StarHub Gee!"?

Yes, you will be charged for internet access via "StarHub Gee!" as it connects via "shppd" APN rather than "" APN.

Will I be charged for accessing the internet via the BlackBerry® browser?

No, you will not be charged for internet access via BlackBerry® browser as it connects via "" APN. Internet access via is unlimited.

However, if you stream video from the Internet via the BlackBerry® browser, you will still be charged for data usage.

Why am I being charged for streaming video via APN?

This is because our backend system utilises a different connection which will connect via shppd APN and therefore it's chargeable.

The data charges for video streaming can be deducted from the free bundle data that comes together with the selected plan. If your free bundled data is depleted, you will then be charged at the prevailing data usage rate.

I was accessing the internet via StarHub Gee! previously. Now, I have chosen to access the internet via APN. Why am I still being charged?

You might not have ended the StarHub Gee! session correctly, so the handset might still be detecting the connection as part of a continuous session rather than a new one. To end your StarHub Gee! session and prevent yourself from being charged further, you will need to exit from the StarHub Gee! browser before you start the browser from APN.