BlackBerry® Solution


What is BlackBerry® Solution?

BlackBerry® Solution instantly delivers emails to you anywhere - all without the hassle of dial-ups or log-ins. The moment an email is received, BlackBerry's® smart “push” technology automatically delivers it to your device. It provides instant emails, an always on connection via GPRS and with our extensive GPRS roaming network, wide accessibility.

What is the difference between BlackBerry® for Individuals and BlackBerry® for Corporate?

BlackBerry® for Individuals (“BIS”) is for constantly mobile professionals who need to be accessible via phone, email or text messaging at any time; whether they are travelling, out socialising or simply away from their desk while in the office.

On the other hand, BlackBerry® for Corporate offers a suite of PushMail solutions for corporations to meet their messaging needs. It is targeted at corporations that wish to empower their employees with the convenience of true accessibility.

Which BlackBerry® Solutions can an individual enjoy?

There is currently one BlackBerry® solution available to keep you connected for work or leisure – BlackBerry® Premium for Individuals.

With this BlackBerry® Solution, emails can be integrated for easy reading. Access up to 10 email accounts, including POP3/web emails such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail Plus, etc as well as Corporate emails (via outlook Web Access) while on the move, all with one unique email address.

How does BlackBerry® for Individuals work?

BlackBerry® for Individuals is a data product supported by StarHub's mobile network. Simply sign up for the BlackBerry® Premium service at just $19.90 per month to enjoy 1GB bundled data. With excess data charged at $0.0034/kb and capped at $36.38/month, you can have unlimited access without any bill shock worries.

Why would I need BlackBerry® Solution if my company does not have a BlackBerry® server? I have an existing POP3 email account as well.

With BlackBerry® for Individuals, anyone can enjoy the benefits of the BlackBerry® service. You can send and receive emails and access information from your mobile device without a corporate BlackBerry® email account.

Can I sign up for BlackBerry® for Individuals via StarHub's Online Shop?

Yes, this service is available via StarHub's Online Shop.

BlackBerry® V1.8

What attachments does the BlackBerry® Internet Service support?

The service supports email attachment viewing for the following file types:

Attachment Type Minimum Handheld Software Version Handheld With Colour Screen Required
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Corel WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • ASCII text (.txt)
2.6 (handhelds based on C++)

3.6 (handhelds based on Java)
  • HTML (.html)
  • Zip archive (.zip)
Color attachments within:
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Corel WordPerfect (.wpd)
3.7 Yes
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIFF
3.8 Yes
Note: JPEG is not supported.


Attachment Viewing Functionality

BlackBerry® Internet Service supports the following attachment viewing functionality:


  • To view images and color attachments, your handheld must have a colour screen.
Attachment functionality Minimum handheld software version
  • Pan, zoom, or rotate images.
  • Save attached images to the handheld image application for viewing offline at a later time.
  • Show or hide tracked changes when viewing attached documents.
  • Jump to another part of a document instead of viewing it sequentially.

The following table displays the attachment viewing functionality for files supported by BlackBerry® Internet Service. 
This functionality requires a minimum installation of BlackBerry® Handheld Software version 3.8.

Features File Type
Word Excel PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat
Bookmarks Yes Yes   Yes   Yes
Colour Support Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Comments Yes          
Email Links Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Embedded Images Yes       TIFF Only  
Embedded Tables Yes          
Endnotes Yes          
Font Size Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
Font Style Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Footnotes Yes          
Internal Hyperlinks Yes     Yes   Yes
Internal Table of Contents Yes     Yes    
Password         Yes  
Phone Links Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Text Box Yes   Yes      
Track Changes Yes     Yes    
URL Links Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

What is the maximum message size using BlackBerry® Internet Service?

Messages may not exceed 8MB, inclusive of attachments. 


  • This applies to all messages regardless of mailbox size.

What does "Leave messages on server" mean?

When integrating an external email account with your BlackBerry® account, the “Leave messages on server” setting is selected by default. This saves a copy of the messages sent to your BlackBerry® Wireless Handheld™.


  • If the “Leave messages on server” checkbox is not selected, messages sent to the handheld are not saved on the mail server and may be lost. For example, if you delete a message from your handheld, it cannot be recovered.

To verify that the “Leave messages on server” option is selected,

Connect to the BlackBerry® Internet Service website and log in to your BlackBerry® account.

On the navigation bar, select “Profile”.

Under “Email Accounts”, select “other email accounts”.

Select an integrated account from the email accounts list. The “Modify an Email Account” screen will appear, allowing you to select or deselect the “Leave messages on server” setting.

What is the maximum number of imported contacts for a BlackBerry® account?

Each BlackBerry® account (accessible using a BlackBerry® Web Client site) is allotted 3MB of space that is dedicated to store contacts within the address book.

What is Auto Reply?

An automatic reply is sent in response to messages received on your device.

If you enable the Auto Reply feature, an auto reply will be sent once every seven days in response to each email message that you receive. 

If you modify your Auto Reply message, it will not be sent to people who received your previous Auto Reply message in the past seven days, unless you disable then re-enable the Auto Reply feature. 

To enable the Auto Reply feature, complete the following steps:

Log in to your BlackBerry® Internet Email Service account.

On the menu bar, select “Auto Reply”, on the Auto Reply page, and type in your Auto Reply message in the text box.

Click Save.

To disable the Auto Reply feature, complete the following steps:

Delete the text from the Auto Reply text box and click Save. A message will indicate that the Auto Reply feature has been disabled.


  • If you modify the Auto Reply message, it will not restart automatically. You must disable, then re-enable it to ensure that the updated auto reply is sent to any email messages received in the past seven days.

What is Auto-aging on the BlackBerry® Web Client?

Auto-aging lets you define how many days’ worth of email messages to store in your Inbox. One day represents a 1-day range, rather than all the messages received in a single day. For example, if you have configured auto-aging to 1 day on 28 January, messages from 28 January and 29 January will be stored.

The lowest auto-aging setting is 1 day.

What is the MSN Hotmail Plus subscription requirement for BlackBerry® Internet Service?

A Microsoft MSN Hotmail account holder must subscribe to MSN Hotmail Plus before integrating a Hotmail account with your BlackBerry® account. If you attempt to integrate a regular Hotmail account, you'll see the following error message:

“Cannot integrate the email account! Please check your information and try again.”

What is the Smart Dialing feature?

This BlackBerry® feature allows you to set a default Country Code and Area Code. To call a number with the default area code, you need only dial seven digits, whether you are calling from within the area code or outside it. Smart dialing also allows you to store the number for a corporation. To reach an extension within that corporation, you need to dial only Alt + 8 (letter X) and the extension.

Configuring the Smart Dialing Feature on the Handheld

From the handheld Home screen, select Phone > Options > Smart Dialing and complete the fields described in the table.

Field Description
Country Code The code for the country that you call most frequently.
Area Code The area code that you call most frequently.
National Number Length The number of digits in the telephone number including Area Code but excluding Country Code.
Corporate Phone Number The number of the corporation, which you call most frequently.
Wait For The length of the pause in seconds between connecting to the corporation and dialing the extension.
Extension Length The number of digits in the extensions at the corporation called most frequently.

BlackBerry® V2.0

What are the BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0 upgrade options for existing BlackBerry® customers?

Existing BlackBerry® Professional customers would have BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS) version 1.8, with the option to upgrade to BIS 2.0. This upgrade is self-initiated, i.e. when you log into your BIS email account via the HTML or WML interface, a screen will prompt you to migrate to BIS 2.0. Please choose either Yes or No. You can upgrade to BIS 2.0 at your convenience; after which, the pop-up will no longer appear.

What are the differences between BIS v1.8 and BIS v2.0?

  BlackBerry® Internet Service v1.8 BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0
Do you get push email – where no prompting is necessary and messages are delivered automatically to your BlackBerry® Device? Yes Yes
Can you view attachments? Yes Yes. With BIS 2.0, you are also able to experience enhanced Powerpoint attachment viewing.
Do you manage your BlackBerry® device mailbox by logging on to a website? Yes No. You can manage it right from your BlackBerry® device without logging on to a website.
Is there an email storage quota? Yes. There’s a size based quota with user defined auto-aging. No. There are no storage quotas to manage. With 30 day auto-aging, the mailbox never gets full.  
Will email messages sent to your BlackBerry® device also be stored online at the BIS website? Yes No
Is a BlackBerry® email address required? Yes. Creating a BlackBerry® email address is a mandatory part of setting up the BlackBerry® device. No. Customers now have the option to create a BlackBerry® email address.
Can customers choose their BlackBerry® email address? No – the BlackBerry® email address is based on their BlackBerry® User ID and the user ID cannot be changed. Yes. As it’s independent of their BlackBerry® User ID, customers who set up a BlackBerry® email address can change it. 
How are 3rd party email accounts assessed? All third party mail is downloaded to a central, RIM-hosted email account prior to it delivered to the device. Interim email accounts are not required for 3rd party email account access via a BlackBerry® device. Instead, the 3rd party account is assessed directly.
Do I only get one “sent from” address for messages sent from my BlackBerry® device? Yes No. You can easily add and configure up to 10 individual business/ personal email accounts, each with a unique “sent from” address address. Each email account also has a separate inbox on the BlackBerry® device.

What are the key changes to BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0?

Direct Access – BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0 introduces a new direct access architecture, improving experiences for users who set-up their BlackBerry® device to receive email from third party accounts: one-way synch of message status and deletion, unique identity (sent-from addresses) per email account. If the user is only integrating email accounts, a BlackBerry® email address is not needed.

Yahoo! Mail Implementation – RIM has worked with Yahoo! to provide an improved experience for BlackBerry® Internet Service subscribers. Yahoo! Mail on BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0 provides: real-time delivery, one-way synch of message status, deletes sent-items and access to all of Yahoo!’s domains.

New Mailbox Model – The BlackBerry® email address has been repositioned as a device-centric, email-addressable, messaging service for BlackBerry® devices. This address continues to be real-time and pushed, but the burden of managing quotas has been eliminated due to the addition of an unlimited mailbox.

General – The desktop site in BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0 has been removed.

How does BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0 support only 1-way synch?

When a user marks a message as read, the device queues similar requests for 5 minutes, then sends the request to BlackBerry® Internet Service Email. BlackBerry® Internet Service Email in turn logs into the email account, applying the state changes to specific messages.

Why did RIM remove web mail from BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0?

In line with the new mailbox model, BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0 is moving away from acting as a web mail provider to focus on wirelessly extending existing email accounts.

What is the new mailbox model for the BlackBerry® email address in BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0?

The BlackBerry® email address account has 30-day forced auto-aging, a 500MB quota and a 1000 message count cap.

Which mail providers would have implemented real time delivery with the launch of BlackBerry® Internet Service Email v2.0?

Only Yahoo! Mail is currently planned. However, RIM is working with many other mail providers on a similar implementation.

Does BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0 support OTA calendar and address book synch?

No, BlackBerry® Internet Service v2.0 does not support OTA calendar or address book synch. Users can still synchronise their calendar and address book using BlackBerry® Desktop Software and a USB cable.

What happens to the more portion of the message after thirty days?

If the user attempts the more option (eg. to reply or forward the message), the device will attempt to forward the mail. As the message has been auto-aged, it will not be present on the server. The device IUI will return an X, but the user can send the local copy by trying again.