SurfHub FAQ

1.    What is SurfHub?

SurfHub is a bundle consisting of 1Gbps fibre broadband plan and a postpaid mobile plan that comes with at least 12GB local data that allows consumers to freely stream and download videos on the go.

Each service comes with a 2-year contract.

2.    How will the charges be reflected in my bill?

The SurfHub mobile subscription and any value-added service will be under mobile section. The 1Gbps fibre broadband subscription will be zero-rated for the first 3 months, $49.90/month will apply thereafter.

3.    Can I purchase a mobile phone with SurfHub?

Yes, you may purchase a mobile phone with SurfHub at the prevailing 2-year contract price. 

4.    Can I sign up for more SurfHub mobile plans?

No, with every 1Gbps fibre broadband plan, you can choose 1 mobile plan from the following. However, you can opt for HomeHub Go 1Gbps which allows you to sign up to another 5 more lines.

SurfHub 12

SurfHub 15

SurfHub 18

SurfHub 24

12GB local data

150mins outgoing

1,000 SMS/MMS

15GB local data

350mins outgoing

1,200 SMS/MMS

18GB local data

450mins outgoing

1,300 SMS/MMS

24GB local data

700mins outgoing

1,500 SMS/MMS

5.    If I am existing StarHub mobile and broadband customer, can I sign up for SurfHub mobile and 1Gbps fibre broadband plan?

Yes, please check your recontract eligibility here.  

6.    I have signed up to SurfHub 12, can I change to another higher SurfHub plan?

Yes, you may do so via My Account.

7.    Can I still enjoy 50% discount if purchase StarHub Go Select, International Roaming or MultiSIM after I sign up to SurfHub?

You can enjoy the discount only when you opt-in for the service(s) upon sign-up or recontract.

8.    What will happen after the 24-month SurfHub and 1Gbps Fibre Broadband contract ends? Will the subscription rates change?

You can continue to enjoy the SurfHub mobile and broadband at the same price.

9.    If I terminate 1 of the 2 services before I fulfil the 24-month contracts, do I need to pay early termination charge for both services?

No, Early Termination Charge (ETC) will apply on the service you terminate. 

10.    If I terminate the broadband, will the discount continue on my SurfHub plan?   

The discount on SurfHub will cease.

11.    After I complete the 13th month of my SurfHub contract, can I recontract to get a new phone?

Yes, you can. An early upgrade fee of $300 will apply. However, you can utilise your Hub Club benefit of an Annual Handset Upgrade worth $200, if any, to offset the charge. Upon recontract, a new 2-year SurfHub contract will apply.

12.    I have opted in for StarHub Go Select upon sign up of SurfHub, when will the 50% discount commence?

The 50% off StarHub Go Select will commence from the day you sign up to SurfHub (mobile + fibre broadband) plan. Simply follow the 3 steps to start enjoying the premium content on StarHub Go Select;

    i)     Sign up for a Hub iD to get access to StarHub Go.

    ii)    Go to and log in with your HubiD and password.

    iii)   Go to GO STORE and select any title to start streaming!


13.    If I am existing StarHub Corporate Individual Scheme mobile customer, can I sign up for SurfHub mobile and 1Gbps fibre broadband plan?

Yes, you may do so at any StarHub Shop.