What's HomeHub Go?

HomeHub Go is a 5-service bundle consisting of StarHub Mobile, Fibre TV, Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband and a Home Phone Line at one great price.
HomeHub Go lets you enjoy the best data package in town with 15GB local data, 350mins local talktime and 1,200 local SMS/MMS. Plus, you can enjoy Monthly HomeHub Vouchers to upsize your TV entertainment.

1. If I have an existing HomeHub plan, can I recontract to HomeHub Go?

Please check your recontract eligibility here.

2. If I sign up for HomeHub Go, can I purchase a mobile phone of my choice?

Yes, you may. A 2-year contract will apply. Additional charges are applicable based on the mobile phone model you have selected.

3. Do I qualify for Hub Club if I sign up for HomeHub Go 1Gbps bundle?

Yes, you will automatically become a Hub Club member. As our valued Hub Club member, you can now enjoy more treats and privileges.

4. As a Hub Club member, can I enjoy Hub Club mobile discount on HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Add-on mobile lines?

Yes, you can enjoy up to 30% discount off subscription on HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Add-on mobile lines.

5. What happens after I use up the bundled talktime, SMS and/or data on HomeHub Go Mobile?

Prevailing excess usage charges will apply – 16.05 cents/minute of talktime; 5.35 cents/SMS; and $10.70/GB of data (capped at $168/month).

6. What will happen after the 24-month HomeHub Go 1Gbps contract ends? Will the subscription rates and my bundled benefits (i.e. HomeHub Voucher, Broadband bandwidth) change?

HomeHub Go 1Gbps subscribers will continue to enjoy the bundled services, including the monthly HomeHub Voucher, at the same monthly subscription.

7. After I complete the 13th month of my HomeHub Go contract, can I recontract to get a new phone?

Yes, you can. An early upgrade fee of $300 will apply. However, you can utilise your Hub Club benefit of an Annual Handset Upgrade worth $200, if any, to offset the charge. Upon recontract, a new 2-year HomeHub Go contract will apply. If you have more questions, feel free to chat with us via StarHub Community!