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What is My StarHub e-bill

My StarHub e-bill


1. What is My StarHub e-bill?

This is our paperless billing service. By signing up for My StarHub e-bill, you will no longer receive hard copy bills. You can retrieve and view PDF bills which are accessible via your Online Hub iD. Use of the My StarHub e-bill service is subject to the My StarHub e-bill Terms & Conditions which can be found at here.

2. What are the benefits of My StarHub e-bill?

  • Enjoy easy access to your bills and account information, anytime and anywhere
  • Receive prompt notifications via e-mail or SMS when your bill is ready
  • View up to 6 bills for better management of your account
  • Pay your bills online at your convenience
  • Enrol your account for GIRO or recurring credit card payment

3. Who is eligible for the My StarHub e-bill service?

You need to have at least one (1) active personal StarHub Mobile, StarHub TV, MaxOnline and Digital Voice service in order to sign up for My StarHub e-bill service.

4. How do I sign up for My StarHub e-bill service?

To sign up for My StarHub e-bill service, please follow these steps:

Via My Account

Step 1: Log in with your Hub iD at
Step 2: Click on “My Account” and select “Bill Delivery Mode”
Step 3: Select the billing account(s) and your preferred My StarHub e-bill delivery mode

Via My StarHub App

Step 1: Log in with your Hub iD on your My StarHub App
Step 2: Tap on “My Account” and select “Billing”
Step 3: Select the billing account(s) and your preferred My StarHub e-bill delivery mode

We will send you a notification upon successful registration via email or SMS to your registered mobile number. You will also receive an email or SMS notification when your bills are ready for viewing.

5. When will I start to receive my My StarHub e-bill?

Once successfully registered, you will be able to view your StarHub Bill online from the next bill. You will receive an email or SMS (according to the bill delivery channel that has been selected) notifying you that the next bill is ready for viewing via My Account.

Alternatively, you may visit, log on to My Account using your Hub iD to check your bills.

6. Is there an option for me to apply for both hard copy bill(s) and My StarHub e-bill?

Once you have signed up for My StarHub e-bill, you will only receive the paperless monthly bill and not the hard copy bill(s).

7. How long can I keep and view My StarHub e-bill online?

My StarHub e-bill service will allow you to retrieve and view up to the last 6 PDF bills.

8. Can I save a copy of My StarHub e-bill?

Yes. You can retrieve and save the available PDF bill(s) for your own reference.

9. Can I de-register My StarHub e-bill service and opt for hard copy bill in future?

Yes. You can de-register My StarHub e-bill service by logging onto My Account with your Hub iD at or My StarHub app. We will resume sending hard copies of the bills from your selected accounts to you by post from the next bill. Your hard copy bill will be mailed to your billing address last known to us, as captured in our records.

10. Why have I not received any monthly My StarHub e-bill email notification after I successfully signed up for My StarHub e-bill service?

You should receive an email notification when your bill is generated and ready for viewing. If you have not received the notification, it could mean:

  • The notification email may have been delivered to your Spam mail folder;
  • The email delivery may have failed due to system problems such as insufficient mailbox space, server problems, invalid email address, etc;
  • You may have discontinued your Internet email account;

To check or update your email address, please follow these steps.

Step 1: Step 1: Log in to your Hub iD Account with your Hub iD at

Step 2:

  • (a) If your Hub iD is an email address:
    - Go to Hub iD Profile and update your Hub iD with a valid email address
  • (b) If your Hub iD is a not an email address:
    - Go to My Account followed by Personal Information
    - Select Modify Contact Information and update your email address.

11. How do I pay my bill with My StarHub e-bill?

You can pay bills via the Bill Payment option on your bank's website or through My Account - Pay Bills. Or, you may set up a recurring bill payment arrangement for future bills with StarHub via GIRO or Credit Card. The list of payment options is available on our website at Payment.

12. Will my online bill have the same information as my hard copy bill?

Yes. The online bill will contain the same information as the hard copy bill. If you are enrolled in My StarHub e-bill, you will not receive a hard copy bill.

Opt for My StarHub e-bill