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The Internet Is Here To Stay

For many parents, the thought of a vast and borderless world of information in the Internet can be as daunting as it is exciting.

With access to the Internet, children today literally have the whole world in their hands. They can open doors to libraries, cages in zoos, meet new friends and visit far away lands at the click of a mouse.

But, as it is in the physical world, this wonderful treasure trove of learning and experience also holds exposure to risk and danger.

Just as you do not stop your child from going to school for fear of bullies, StarHub wants you and your family to enjoy the Internet with peace of mind.

Knowing The Risks And How To Minimise Them:

1. Dangers in the chat room

A chat room is a place where you could meet new friends or end up having casual exchanges with 'wolves in sheep's clothing' that can lead to exploitation and even physical dangers.

2. Dangers of email

An email is a lightning-quick means of communication. It is generally safe except for the dangers of computer viruses and 'spamming' or cyber junk mailing which may lead your children to fall prey to unwanted solicitations.

To protect your email from viruses, check out e.Scan, an antivirus solution from StarHub. It helps to protect your mailbox from email virus attacks by scanning and cleaning all incoming and outgoing mails even before they reach your computer, regardless of where you log in.

3. Teens are at higher risk

In their teens, children are increasingly curious and crave independence and privacy. Their enthusiasm to explore subjects such as sexuality will lead them to be more active and creative in their search.

While it is possible to identify common dangers when surfing the web, as in life, we cannot completely eliminate risks.

4. Get virus protection

Just like people, your computer can get infected by a virus while it is 'socialising' with others on the Internet. There are many kinds of viruses and new ones are born every day. While viruses usually have antidotes, some viruses are so lethal, they can damage your whole computer system and even automatically infect the computers of all those whose email addresses are stored in your computer. So, a reliable anti-virus software is a must-have before you connect to the Internet.

5. Prevent unauthorised intrusions with a Firewall

To keep confidential information on your computer secure and safe from intrusion, it is a good idea to build a Firewall. A Firewall blocks unauthorised people on the Internet from accessing your data. Available as a software or hardware tool, a Firewall acts like a padlock that protects your home (personal computer) from intrusion.

There are many Personal Firewall products available ranging from free downloads with basic security features to more sophisticated software at a small licensing fee and hardware versions at higher costs.

Value-Added Services to Enhance Your Surfing Needs


Maintain a safe and enriching online experience for your kids, even if you are not able to watch over them all the time.

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Tips For Parents On Keeping Track

  • Make it a point to know your children's online friends as you do their regular buddies.
  • Share an email account for the family to ensure you are aware of all the interactions of your children.
  • Keep track of any files that your children download from the Internet.
  • Report persistent cases of spamming to StarHub at or call our 24-hour Customer Care at 1633.
  • Keep updated with information on viruses on the Internet and inform your children.
  • Do spot checks on where your children visited at least once a week.
  • Use the filtering features of your Internet browser to restrict access to certain sites you may not find suitable for your family.
  • Learn about various ways and software programmes that allow you to block out undesirable sites. Refer to the section on Other Helpful Websites listed below.

Other Helpful Websites On Net Safety For Kids

The following are some reliable websites with useful information, plus complimentary newsletters you can subscribe to that will help further your knowledge on the technologies and developments on child safety on the Internet.

For more tips on safe surfing