Hub Troopers


How do I engage the Hub Troopers?

For sales enquires, please call 1630. For support matters, you can either call our 24/7 Hub Troopers support Hotline at 1633 or drop us an email at We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do you provide a warranty for the hardware you provide?

All hardware sold through Hub Troopers come with a minimum one-year manufacturer warranty. The Hub Troopers provide 30 days' on-site one-to-one exchange service warranty at no cost for faulty equipment not caused by customers’ mishandling. Customers may approach the hardware manufacturer’s service centre after the 30-day period to exercise their manufacturer warranty.

Will I be charged if I decide not to use the Hub Troopers' services after the Hub Troopers arrive at my home?

Yes, there will be a nominal fee of $53.50 (with GST).

What are the service hours of the Hub Troopers?

The Hub Troopers support hotline at 1633 is available 24/7. The Hub Troopers are available from 9.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

Do the Hub Troopers help to resolve computer virus or spyware related problems?

No, we currently do not offer such services.

Do the Hub Troopers help to perform Personal Computer reformatting and recovery?

No, we currently do not offer such services.

If the Hub Troopers cannot solve my problem, is their service still chargeable?

The Hub Troopers will ensure that all the digital connections for your required service is completed and that you are satisfied with the service.
Billing will take place only after the service is completed.

If I have all the required devices, can I still engage the Hub Troopers to help me integrate and optimize the digital equipment around my house?

The Hub Troopers can still assist in installing your devices at a fee of $53.50 (w/GST) per connection. For example, wireless routers, print servers, game consoles, etc. Materials and accessories are charged separately. You enjoy our 30-day Hub Trooper warranty for all set-ups. If any adjustments are needed, we'll come back to you at no extra charge.

Do I enjoy StarHub Rewards Monthly Points when I engage Hub Troopers Services?

No, there will not be any StarHub Rewards Points issued for Hub Troopers services. StarHub Rewards Monthly Points are only issued for monthly recurring charges.

Do I get Hub Club discounts when I engage Hub Troopers Services?

No, there will not be any Hub Club discounts.

Can Hub Troopers integrated/configure all third party equipment brand/models even those not sold by StarHub?

Hub Troopers specialise in the devices' brand/models that are sold by StarHub.

  • For devices whose brands/models not sold by StarHub, but falls under Hub Troopers areas of specialisation*, Hub Troopers are able to support but require customer to provide the respective user-manual.
  • For devices whose brands/models not sold by StarHub, and does not fall within Hub Troopers areas of specialisation*, Hub Troopers may support on best-effort basis. User-manual must be provided.
  • If problem is not fully resolved, e.g device can work but intermittently, charges will still apply.

Hubtropper's areas of "specialisation" include the following below:

  • WIFI Router Installation which include setting SSID, WIFI security, Port Forwarding – IPCam, DDNS and Parental control
  • Setting the KaraOK pack into customer existing Home Entertainment setup
  • IP Camera set up which include enable remote access via Mobile Phone, Motion Detection, Scheduled Recording, Image recording via Local PC/NAS
  • Enhancing WIFI coverage within a home via the installation of additional WIFI router within the existing network.
  • Mobile Data transfer between different makes of phone via the Cellebrite tools