HubLife FAQ


  1. How long will the trial period last?
    The trial period will be up to three months.

  2. Is there a closing date to register for the trial?
    The closing date of the registration is 2 May 2016 or when stocks run out.

  3. Are there any charges involved for the trial?
    We will be installing a trial package at your premise. There is no charge for this trial package.

  4. What does the trial package consist of?
    The trial package consists of a gateway, an IP camera, a TV Top camera, a power plug, a presence tag and a contact sensor.

  5. When and how will I be informed if I am selected for the trial?
    We will notify you via email from 3 May 2016 onwards, and only successful applicants will be notified. StarHub’s decision on the successful applicants will be at final and it’s sole discretion.

  6. What is my involvement to participate in the trial?
    We hope to gain insights and gather your feedback on how you will use the service. We will provide more details on the trial to successful applicants via email.

  7. Can HubLife work on non-StarHub broadband?
    In order for us to ensure the quality of service and optimise the experience for customers, we are only looking at StarHub fibre broadband customers for this trial.

  8. How does StarHub ensure that the data stored on HubLife is secure?
    HubLife has two layers of security – authenticated log-in and end-to-end encryption – to keep data secure.

  9. Can I purchase more devices for HubLife trial?
    As part of the trial package, you will have 1 gateway, 1 IP camera, 1 TV top camera, 1 contact sensor, 1 presence tag and 1 power plug. We will not be able to facilitate the purchasing of any device during the trial period.

HubLife Trial Installation

  1. What do I have to prepare for HubLife Installation?
    1. Download HubLife mobile application
      Before the scheduled HubLife installation, please download HubLife mobile application from Apple Store if you are using an iPhone or Google Play Store if you are using Android mobile device.
      You will be asked to login to HubLife mobile application during the installation process. Please refrain from logging into the mobile application before that.

    2. Hub iD
      You will be asked to log into HubLife mobile application during the installation process. Please ensure that your Hub iD is updated to the email format.
      If it is not, please visit

    3. Preparing for installation
      1. A power outlet will be required for the HubLife Gateway near the television set.
      2. A power outlet will be required near the router for a first time set-up of the IP Camera.
      3. After the first time set up, the IP camera can be placed wirelessly at a location of your preference. A power outlet will be required near the preferred location.
      4. You or your family member present at the installation needs to know your Hub ID, Hub ID password and WiFi password. 
  2. How many Hub Troopers will turn up on the day of installation?
    There will be a total of 2 Hub Troopers, who will turn up on the day of installation.


  1. Who do I call if I have issues with any of my devices?
    You will be invited to a private forum during the trial, and you can always post your issues on the forum at