Dual Broadband FAQ

  1. What is a StarHub Dual Broadband plan?

    StarHub Dual Broadband plan is a plan which gives you high speed Fibre and Cable broadband connections at one great price.

  2. How does a Dual Broadband plan help to improve my WiFi coverage within my home?

    There are many factors affecting wireless coverage such as obstacles (eg. walls) and distance. Furthermore, other home appliances, mirrors and aquariums will interfere with your signal.

    Our Dual Broadband plans come with two high speed broadband connections to which you can connect two routers to help provide WiFi coverage to more areas of the home. Furthermore, our technical experts –  Hub Troopers will help to assess the best place to place the router for your WiFi needs.

  3. Why can’t I use multiple routers on one broadband connection to extend wireless coverage within my residential home instead?

    Having multiple routers does not aid in WiFi effectiveness since it is still on one broadband connection. A double WiFi network each connected to a high speed broadband would maximize your coverage without increasing your cost.

  4. Can I use WiFi extenders to extend the wireless coverage within my residential home?

    WiFi speeds are usually less than ideal when using WiFi extenders, sometimes even halved of the WiFi speed from the original router.

  5. Does a Dual Broadband plan ensure 100% WiFi coverage in my home?

    Having a Dual Broadband plan does not guarantee 100% full WiFi coverage in your home as there are many factors affecting wireless signals. Our technical experts - Hubtroopers will assess your home to optimize your WiFi network. There may be charges if other solutions are required.

  6. What does a Hub Trooper WiFi assessment consist of?

    It consists of a Hub Trooper providing advice according to your Internet surfing requirements, including placement of fibre and cable equipment (type-approved and obtained from StarHub) to optimise in-home WiFi coverage and to enhance wireless surfing experience.

  7. Will I experience a slower surfing speed when logging on to the lower speed network?

    StarHub’s Dual Broadband plan will extend WiFi coverage to areas where your previous WiFi signal did not cover. Furthermore, a 100Mbps connection will allow for high-speed downloads of movies and music. Checking Facebook and Twitter will be a breeze.

  8. Can I sign up to two Home Phone lines since I have two broadband connections with the Dual Broadband plan?

    You may sign up to a second Home Phone line at $10.70 per month.

  9. How much do I pay for a Dual Broadband plan after the 24-month contract?

    The price will remain as what you are paying now.

  10. Isn’t StarHub supposed to conduct a WiFi assessment during installation of all broadband plans, and not just for the Dual Broadband plan?

    A WiFi assessment is an optional service and is chargeable.

  11. Can I buy additional wireless routers or modems from StarHub?

    Yes, you may purchase the following devices at the promotional rates.

    Voice-enabled Cable Modem at $59 (U.P. $212.93)
    Wireless AC Dual-band Router DIR-868L at $120 (U.P. $319)

    Ths is limited to during the point of sign-up of a Dual Broadband plan and capped at two router purchases (if necessary).

  12. Will StarHub roll out similar plans with different bandwidths?

    We will review our customers’ needs and provide plans to best cater for that.

  13. I have not completed 21 months of my existing broadband contract. Can I still sign-up to a new Dual Broadband 24-month contract?

    You will have to complete a minimum of 21 months on your current contract before you can sign up to a new Dual Broadband plan.

  14. Can I  sign up to a standalone 200Mbps or 500Mbps or 1Gbps fibre broadband plan?

    The standalone 200Mbps and 500Mbps fibre broadband plans have been replaced with the Dual Broadband 200 plan at $39.90/month and  Dual Broadband 500 plan at $49.90/month respectively. The Dual Broadband plans with two broadband connections give you better value and WiFi coverage.

    A standalone 1Gbps fibre broadband plan is available at $49.90/month.

  15. I am currently subscribed to the standalone 1Gbps fibre broadband plan. Can I switch to the Dual Broadband 1000 plan?

    StarHub launches promotions from time to time and our plans and pricing are always evolving depending on market situations and needs. You will be able to recontract to a Dual Broadband 1000 plan if you have completed 21 months of your existing contract.

  16. Why is there no speed throttling only for Dual Broadband 1000? Will StarHub consider lifting network management for all broadband plans?

    StarHub takes a measured approach to P2P traffic management. We constantly monitor industry development and customers’ preferences, and will continue to review our product offerings.

  17. Does StarHub throttle P2P traffic?

    There is no fixed bandwidth limit on P2P traffic on our network. Instead, we implement a flexible network management technique to prioritise regular Internet usage, such as web surfing, social networking and video streaming, over P2P traffic only when the following two conditions are met:
    1. P2P traffic exceeds between 10% and 40% of total traffic on the network.
    2. During peak surfing hours (from 6pm to 2am on weekdays and 11am to 2am on weekends).
    Subject to the volume of P2P traffic and the time of day, the impact to a P2P user may be neligible, particularly during off-peak hours.

  18. What is StarHub’s stance on VPN?

    StarHub does not block VPN traffic; customers have a wide range of third-party VPN services in the market to choose from according to their needs. We are closely monitoring developments in this space.