Cessation of Cable Broadband Network FAQ


1. Is it true you are ceasing cable broadband services by 2017?
StarHub will operate cable network services until 2020. We encourage customers to take up our fibre services before 2020 to avoid disruption to their services. Customers will also be able to enjoy faster broadband speeds on our fibre services.


2. What will happen to my cable broadband subscription?
We will facilitate a smooth transition from cable to fibre broadband. We encourage customers to take up fibre broadband early to ensure uninterrupted service and minimise inconvenience. We have a wide range of fibre broadband plans that meet different needs.


3. Does it mean my cable TV is also affected?
Yes, we will be migrating customers from cable TV services to fibre TV services, and encourage customers to upgrade to fibre TV early to ensure uninterrupted service.


4. Where can I find more information on StarHub’s fibre TV and broadband services?
You can find out more at www.starhub.com/tv or www.starhub.com/broadband.