Home Networking


1. What is a home network?

A home network links multiple computers and peripheral devices within your home to form a connected environment that enables simultaneous, shared Internet access, printer/peripheral sharing, file and application sharing, and much more.

StarHub’s MaxOnline Ultimate 100Mbps, MaxOnline Premium 50Mbps, MaxOnline Express 25Mbps, MaxOnline Ultimate Plus 100Mbps, MaxOnline Premium Plus 50Mbps, MaxOnline Express Plus 25Mbps and all fibre broadband plans are ideal for home networking, providing fast, reliable Internet access to all users within your home while making the most of your computing resources through file and peripheral sharing.

You may wish to contact our Hub Troopers to assist you to customise a home network solution specially designed to serve the unique needs of you and your family. Please visit http://hubtroopers.starhub.com or call 1800 3338888 for more information.

2. Does MaxOnline SurfLite 2Mbps support home networking?

Yes, MaxOnline SurfLite 2Mbps supports home networking. However, we do not recommend this since a larger bandwidth would be required if there are multiple users. For optimal performance when setting up a home network, we would recommend that you subscribe to a higher tier plan.

3. What are the benefits of a home network?

By creating a home network, you can dramatically expand computing options for everyone in your family and enjoy cost-savings by sharing your cable or fibre home broadband subscription. The different users can access the Internet at the same time via one cable or fibre home broadband account. Cable and fibre home broadband services offer fast, reliable, 'always-on' Internet access and keep the phone line free for voice calls, which makes them ideal shared broadband connections. Users can also easily store and retrieve files on any computer linked to the same network. In addition, they can also maximise their gaming experience by playing video games against each other from different computers.

4. Why is cable or fibre home broadband ideal for home networking?

MaxOnline Ultimate 100Mbps, MaxOnline Premium 50Mbps, MaxOnline Express 25Mbps, MaxOnline Ultimate Plus 100Mbps, MaxOnline Premium Plus 50Mbps, MaxOnline Express Plus 25Mbps, and all our other fibre broadband plans offer unlimited broadband access, so you need not keep track of the volume or time used.

5. How many computers can I have on my home network?

You can have as many computers as you want connect to your home network, either via wired or wireless routers.

For add-on third party devices such as your printers, scanners, routers or hubs which are not provided by StarHub, you may wish to contact the respective distributors or agents should you require technical support on these devices.

6. How fast is a home network?

The maximum download speed on a home network will be that of the respective plans the customer has signed up to i.e. MaxOnline Express or MaxOnline Express Plus for up to 16Mbps, MaxOnline Premium / MaxOnline Premium Plus / MaxInfinity Premium / MaxInfinity Premium Plus for up to 50Mbps , MaxOnline Ultimate / MaxOnline Ultimate Plus / MaxInfinity Ultimate / MaxInfinity Ultimate Plus for up to 100Mbps, MaxInfinity Elite / MaxInfinity Elite Plus for up to 150Mbps, MaxInfinity Platinum / MaxInfinity Platinum Plus for up to 200Mbps and MaxInfinity Supreme for up to 1Gbps respectively. These high speeds make transferring files or using peripherals attached to other machines effortless. Internet access speeds will vary depending on which MaxOnline or MaxInfinity product you have purchased, how many machines are connected to the network, the websites you are accessing and the types of applications that are used at the same time.

7. What security precautions can the end user take to protect their computers?

Some routers implement NAT, which hides private IP addresses from the public. However, we strongly recommend that users take extra precaution and install a firewall on their PC, for example, Zonealarm. For more information, please go www.zonelabs.com.

Users on wireless connections can use WEP or MAC address filtering to prevent unauthorised users from connecting to your wireless router.

8. What further security precautions should I take to protect my computers?

StarHub strongly recommends that you install anti-virus software and scan your computers daily. If your systems run on Microsoft Windows, you may wish to turn off the file-sharing function for added security. Please ensure that you do not run a program or open an email attachment without first running a virus scan to make sure it is virus-free. Please also ensure that your virus patterns are up to date.

9. What if I need help?

StarHub is unable to guarantee technical support for third-party devices such as printers, scanners or any other add-on devices. However, StarHub's Customer Care will be able to check and determine if your cable modem is faulty. You may wish to contact the respective distributors or agents should you require technical support on these 3rd party devices. Alternatively you may contact our Hub Troopers to assist you to integrate and optimise the digital equipments in your house. For more information, please visit http://hubtroopers.starhub.com.

10. Why the sudden change of policies when StarHub does not allow multiple access for MaxOnline Express?

Wireless technologies have progressed tremendously, and the price of Wireless Access Points has also fallen drastically. StarHub's move to offer the shared broadband option is timely as there has been increased demand for a broadband internet access plan which charges a flat subscription fee and allows multiple user access from one cable modem internet account. This is also in line with IDA’s plans for better broadband penetration in Singapore.

11. Does StarHub provide technical support for home networking with fibre or cable home broadband plans?

StarHub provides 24-hour technical support for the operation of your cable modem or a fibre-ready wireless home gateway and connectivity to StarHub's network. However, should you require any technical support for your third-party devices, please approach the manufacturer or their respective agents for assistance.

Click here for the list of recommended fibre-ready home gateways that are compatible for our fibre home broadband plans.

12. Who can I contact if I have technical issues with my Integrated Wireless Voice Modem?

For all router-related issues, please contact the 24-hour D-Link Technical Support Service Hotline at 6501 4280. For issues concerning Digital Voice and MaxOnline or MaxInfinity, please contact our Customer Service hotline at 1633. 

Apple Devices

1. Will this work for both my Mac and PC?

Yes, you may add your Mac with built-in Ethernet port, to the network, but it may have limits in sharing files and printers. For wireless connections, a Mac Airport may be required.

2. Is it possible to connect a Mac and a PC to the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router at the same time/concurrently?

Yes, it is possible to configure the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N Router router to allow a Mac and PC to be connected simultaneously. The basic requirements apply if you are connecting wirelessly, i.e. you will need a wireless network card for each machine.

3. Does StarHub provide any technical support for Apple devices?

For connectivity, hardware (airport card) and software configuration issues relating to Apple devices, users are advised to contact their Apple vendor or visit their website at www.apple.com. Apple products use a unique operating system and its vendors would be able to provide better support for such issues.


1. Is it better to use N-Router (802.11n) compared to G-Router (802.11g)?

The N-Router can go up to 270Mbps and it is backwards compatible with A when it's using 5GHz, and B and G when at 2.4Ghz. If you find that you need to use the 5GHz spectrum to get decent network performance in your home but still have some 802.11b or g devices around, the dual band router would work for you. The N router also provides high access speeds within the household, e.g. faster downloading of files from one PC to another within the wireless-N network. By combining the strength of MaxOnline Ultimate/ Premium or MaxInfinity Premium/ Ultimate, and the N-Router, you will be able to achieve an ideal home networking solution. Note: As the spectrum around 2.4GHz may be more prone to interference from other devices in a dense urban environment especially if there are several WiFi devices within the spectrum, your wireless access speed may be reduced or your wireless connection may become unstable. At the 5GHz spectrum, this problem is minimised as it is less prone to interference.

2. How about the N router that StarHub is offering? How does it fit into the above scenario?

StarHub has launched several integrated wireless modem products including the Cable-ready Wireless Home Gateway (Cisco DPC3925) for MaxOnline services and Fibre-ready Wireless Home Gateway (Huawei HG256s or D-link N5402SP) for MaxInfinity services.

StarHub’s N router complies with IEEE 802.11n and is backwards compatible with IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b.