Please refer to the table below for hardware that supports the optimum speed of your Cable Broadband plan.

√ Cable modems with a higher speed of performance will support Cable Broadband of the same speed or lower.
* Cable modems with a lower speed of performance can still be subscribed to a higher speed Cable Broadband plan, but will be limited by hardware performance.

Cable Modem Models Cable Plans
Plan Speed 100Mbps 50Mbps 25Mbps 10Mbps 6Mbps 3Mbps
DOCSIS 3.0 (Supports up to 100Mbps)
D-Link DCM 712
Motorola SB6120
Cisco DPC3925 (Wireless N)
DOCSIS 2.0/1.1 (Supports up to 32Mbps)
Hubstation DCI62SHB * *
Linksys Wireless Cable Gateway (Wireless G) * *
Motorola SBV5121i (VecM) * *
Motorola SBV5120i (VecM) * *
D-Link DCM 604 (Wireless G) * *
D-Link DCM 202 * *
Motorola SB5101 * *
Motorola SB5100 * *
Motorola SBG1000 (Wireless G) * * *
Motorola SB4200 * * *
Motorola SB4100 * * *
Samsung SCM140U * * *
Motorola SBV4200 (VecM) * * *
SA DPX213 (VeCM) * * *
DOCSIS 1.0 (Supports up to 10Mbps)
Motorola SB3100 * * *
RCA DCM235 * * *
Terayon ECM210 * * *
Terayon ECM110 * * *


  • The information indicated on the table is based on the Ethernet cable connection to the cable modem. Due to the inherent speed and performance limitations of USB standards, you are advised to use an Ethernet cable instead of USB connection to take advantage of your allocated bandwidth of your subscribed plan.
  • Modems with integrated wireless features provide the convenience of wireless connections, usually with the limitation of lower speed and performance due to many factors. As wireless technology is evolving quickly, the latest wireless technology providing better speed and performance is usually available in standalone wireless routers first. For more information, please check Home Broadband FAQ.