"I’m a new Dual Broadband customer. Can you explain the charges on my first bill?"

To help you understand your bill, please refer to the sample image below.  

The bill reflects pro-rated subscription charges for your new Dual Broadband plan (Dual Broadband 500) from 11/03/15 – 19/03/15, which is from the date of sign-up to the end of your billing period.

Since subscription is billed one month in advance, you will see full subscription charges for your new Dual Broadband plan (Dual Broadband 500) from 20/03/15 – 19/04/15.

On the bill, your "MaxInfinity" (Fibre Broadband) and "MaxOnline" (Cable Broadband) items will display charges as "Free". Please look under "Dual Broadband" instead for your full subscription charges.

Also, a one-time service activation charge may appear on your first Dual Broadband bill. This is for the activation of your new Dual Broadband service.