My Account FAQ

1. What can I do in My Account?

My Account allows you to:

  • View/pay your bill
  • Update your billing address and service address
  • Manage your bill notification
  • Update your personal particulars
  • Check recontract eligibility
  • Renew service contract
  • Subscribe and change your value-added services
  • Check your local and roaming data usage
  • Consolidate bills by transferring your services to your main StarHub account

2. How do I access My Account?

You need a Hub iD and password to access My Account. If you do not have a Hub iD, please go to to register.

3. I've made a wrong request, and I'm not able to resubmit a correct one. What should I do?

You can contact us for the new request.

4. The 'Recontract' button is not available in my Service page. Why is that so?

The ‘Recontract’ button is made available when the minimum period of service under your contract for each individual service is fulfilled. For Mobile, re-contract is available from the 13th month onwards of your existing 24 months contract. An Early re-contract fee applies for renewing between 13th and 21st month of your mobile contract. For StarHub TV, and Broadband, please check against your sign up agreement as this may varies accordingly to the promotion that you have signed up to.

5. How will I be able to login in to My Account if I am a passport holder? If no, why am I not able to?

Hub iD currently accepts NRIC / FIN registration only. If your services are registered under Passport, you may wish to update your document ID with us if you have a valid FIN. You can fax your updated Document ID with your StarHub account information via fax to 6720 5000 or visit any of our StarHub Shops.

6. When downloading the StarHub bill(s) on my Android device(s), a portion or some of the pages are blank. What should I do?

There are free apps from Google Play Store that may be compatible to allow you to view your StarHub bill(s) on your Android device(s) such as Polaris Viewer app, Google Drive app and Dropbox app.