• Cotton On

  • Cotton On

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  • Earn 100 HubTreats Points with a minimum spend of $30 within a single receipt
  • Look for QR-Code when you visit any outlet and earn 20 HubTreats Points

About Cotton On

Since 1991, we've delivered out own take on the latest trends mixed with an effortless sense of cool to create of-the-moment, affordable style.



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Terms & Conditions

  1. Points are given only for the first $30 spent.
  2. Only one receipt scan per purchase is allowed.
  3. Points can be earned once a day only.
  4. Receipts' images need to be uploaded within 72 hours.
  5. Receipts' image should contain date, total price and receipt number.
  6. In-store QR-Cord can only be scanned once very 7 days, per customer.


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