• Introducing
    MaxToon HD!
    MaxToon HD!
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  • Introducing
    MaxToon HD!

Learn Mandarin the fun way.

MaxToon HD is Singapore's first and only Mandarin kids channel in simplified Chinese, with top-rated programmes from China alongside local productions (coming in June)! Educate and entertain your kids with animations, live-action programmes and special events, all with the aim of incorporating Mandarin into your child's life. 

Suitable for children aged 3 – 12 years old, MaxToon HD is available at no extra charge to all StarHub TV customers* on Ch 322.

*A HD-enabled set-top box is required to view MaxToon HD.

Existing StarHub TV customers
To enjoy Maxtoon HD, just tune to Ch 322.

Non StarHub TV customers
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Xiao Kang Kang (小康康)

Every Mon-Fri, 5.30pm
A mischievous boy Kang Kang and his four friends are always up to something beyond our imagination. Watch as they get themselves in and out of trouble, learning good behaviour in the process.

Hi Babe (海贝贝)

Every Mon-Fri, 6pm
9-year-old Bei Bei's thirst for knowledge and unwavering courage to fight for justice often get her and her friends into tough spots. Join them as they embark on different learning adventures.

Haha Xiao Hu Chuang (哈哈小虎窗)

Every Mon, 8pm
Join Xiao Hu and his silly friend Ah Long as they carry out various experiments in the quest to unravel the mysterious magic behind science.

Huan Le Beng Beng Tiao (欢乐蹦蹦跳)

Every Mon, 8.30pm
A family-oriented variety programme for all ages! Follow our hosts as they discuss topics with kids and their parents, and showcase some dance moves for you to follow.