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A world of wonders.

BBC Earth (HD) inspires audiences by sharing the incredible wonders of our universe. The channel showcases the work of the world’s foremost factual film-makers as it takes audiences on a journey of discovery. From the smallest creature under a microscope to the limitless expanses of space, BBC Earth (HD) brings viewers face-to-face with heart-pounding action, mind-blowing ideas and the wonder of being human.

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Documentaries to look out for on BBC Earth

How to Stay Young

Every Friday, 10.35pm

Meet Alzheimer’s sufferers being injected with young people’s blood or the boy who will never grow old, in How to Stay Young as the series investigates the latest research that could put the brakes on the ageing process.

Forces of Nature

Premieres 18 August, Every Thursday, 10.45pm

A bold and breathtaking series taking viewers on a tour of our planet to explain what lies beneath Earth’s startling beauty and ultimately what makes our world work.

The Supervet S3

Premieres 24 August, Every Wednesday, 10.45pm

Witness more heart-warming and exciting moments in this series; combining the drama medical programme with emotional twists and turns during the animals' recoveries.

Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough

Premieres 18 September, Every Sunday, 5pm

Join David Attenborough on a compelling journey through the past, present and future of the mighty Great Barrier Reef – the Earth’s largest living structure. 

The Story of Cats

Premieres 19 September, Every Monday, 8.10pm

From tiger to tabby cat, this stunning three-part series tells the definitive Story of Cats, retracing the cats’ epic 11 million year journey – from the jungles of South East Asia to the African savannah and ultimately into our homes.