Frequently Asked Questions -
TVB Anywhere SG



TVB Anywhere SG:


1. What is TVB Anywhere SG?

TVB Anywhere SG is TVB’s legitimate over-the-top (OTT) service exclusively for Singapore audience offering an enormous archive of classic and latest TVB programs.


2. Where can I find TVB Anywhere SG?

The TVB Anywhere SG app is available for download from Google Play for Android device users and App Store for iOS device users.


3. What will I be able to watch on TVB Anywhere SG?

TVB Anywhere SG offers an enormous archive of TVB dramas and variety shows which you can watch on demand, from the latest release to the most classic titles.


  What to watch Monthly subscription
Basic Zone Latest variety shows
Library drama titles
Premium Zone Concurrent dramas
Premium classic titles
More variety shows
(including GST)

4. How often are new shows uploaded to TVB Anywhere SG?

You can find new shows on TVB Anywhere SG every day. Most of the shows are uploaded within a few hours after its linear broadcast in Singapore.


5. Can I watch any of the TVB live channels on TVB Anywhere SG?

No, TVB live channels are not available on TVB Anywhere SG.


6. What are the language options available in TVB Anywhere SG?

Dramas are available in Cantonese and Mandarin audio, with Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English subtitles.

Variety shows are available in Cantonese audio, with Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese subtitles.


7. Will I be able to access TVB Anywhere SG app while travelling outside my territory?

No, TVB Anywhere SG app is only available in Singapore. (Other versions of TVB Anywhere App is available in selected territories worldwide.)


8. How many concurrent streams can I enjoy on TVB Anywhere SG?

With the TVB Anywhere Premium subscription, you can enjoy three concurrent streams on TVB Anywhere SG.


9. Will there be mobile data charges if I stream on TVB Anywhere SG?

Yes, standard mobile operator data charges at prevailing rates will apply.


For StarHub subscribers:

1. TVB has launched the TVB Anywhere SG app. As a StarHub subscriber, what are the benefits that we can enjoy?

All StarHub customers will be able to subscribe to the TVB Anywhere Premium service at a partner’s price of $4.98/month from December 2018 onwards.

StarHub TV Qiang Dang Yu Le Pack and Hub Drama First subscribers with StarHub TV Go Value-Added Service will be given complimentary Premium access to TVB Anywhere SG at no additional cost from December 2018 onwards.

Please check back here for updates. In the meantime, you can now download the TVB Anywhere SG app to start enjoying the free content within the Basic Zone.


2. What is the difference between signing up to TVB Anywhere Premium with StarHub, or directly with TVB via TVB Anywhere SG app?

There is no difference in the content offering for TVB Anywhere Premium. Customers who subscribe with StarHub can enjoy the partner’s price of $4.98/month, while subscription with TVB via the TVB Anywhere SG app is at the retail price of $5.98/month.