Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I download StarHub Go Mobile app?
    StarHub Go is available on iOS Apple Store, Google Play Store or You can download and install it onto your mobile device.
    Tip: Connect to WIFI while downloading app to avoid data charges

  2. Are there data charges for accessing StarHub Go Mobile app?
    Mobile data charges will be zero-rated for video streaming, live TV and VOD only. Normal data charges apply for App download via App Store, Google Play Store or Normal data charges apply during app browsing (metadata, posters and other HTTP data)
    Tip: Connect to WIFI while accessing StarHub Go to avoid data charges

  3. I can’t access StarHub Go using Hub ID & Password?
    HubID and password is case-sensitive. Please check and ensure you enter correctly.
    If you encounter issues, please send your queries to

  4. Can I access StarHub Go Select from multiple devices?
    You can only access from one device at any time and not simultaneously through multiple devices.

  5. Can I access StarHub Go overseas?
    No. You can only access StarHub Go Select locally