Terms & Conditions - Huawei Y6ii


  1. The StarHub Happy Prepaid SIM Card ("SIM Card") must be used with the Huawei Y6ii handset ("Handset") on or before 31 December 2018 to enjoy the promotion of $10 x 10 ($100) local outgoing talktime and 50MB x 10 (500 MB) data.
  2. The first $10 local talktime and 50MB data ("Bundled Credit") will be credited within 5 days after the SIM Card is used with the Handset. Subsequent Bundled Credit will automatically be credited 9 times on a 28-day interval. The Bundled Credit is valid for 28 days from the date of credit and any unused Bundled Credit will be forfeited. Data from Bundled Credit is also applicable for data roam at Happy Roam destinations, visit starhub.com/happy-roam for more information.
  3. The customer must keep the SIM Card valid and active in the same Handset during the entire period when the Bundled Credit is being credited. Any unused Bundled Credit and the Bundled Credit that is yet to be credited will be forfeited and cannot be reinstated once the SIM Card is removed from the Handset.