• 													Roam And Save
    In Malaysia

    You can now save more with StarHub Prepaid and U Mobile.
  • Roam And Save
    In Malaysia

    You can now save more with StarHub Prepaid and U Mobile.

Enjoy savings on roaming rates when you're in Malaysia by logging on to U Mobile!

The next time you travel to Malaysia with your StarHub Prepaid SIM Card, be sure to log on to the U Mobile Network. Enjoy local mobile rates when you roam on the U Mobile Network and save big on your prepaid roaming charges. This offer does not require subscription. Simply select U Mobile as your preferred roaming network and you’re set!

Here is what you’ll enjoy when roaming in Malaysia on U Mobile!

These promotional rates on U Mobile will end on 15 October 2018.

Roaming in Malaysia with Happy Prepaid Current Roaming Rates(SGD) Rates Roaming on U Mobile (SGD)
Call to Singapore (Per Min) $0.69 $0.15
Incoming Call (Per Min) $0.69 $0.15
Call Malaysia Number (Per Min) $1.05 $0.15
Call International (outside of Malaysia and SG - Per Min) $1.50 $1.20
Data Charges (Per MB) $20.48
Send SMS to Singapore (Per SMS) $0.40 $0.15
Send SMS to a Malaysia Number (Per SMS) $0.45 $0.15
SMS to an International Number (Per SMS) $0.90 $0.15


  • Promotional rates for voice calls are applicable for GlobalRoam *116* calls only.

How to make a call?

Step 1

To call Singapore:
Dial *116*65#

To call other International destinations:
Dial *116*#


Step 2

Press the dial/call button.


Step 3

You will see this message on your mobile phone: "Please wait while we process your request. Call charges will apply when you answer the call. Thank you for using StarHub's GlobalRoam service."


Step 4

You will receive an incoming call from the system. After answering the call, you will hear recipient's ringing tone. Call is connected when recipient answers the call. The call will be disconnected if recipient's phone is engaged or does not answer the call after a few rings.