Terms & Conditions - 50% off Basic HD Upsize
  1. Basic HD Upsize Promotion
    1. In addition to these Promotion Terms & Conditions, your subscription to StarHub TV Services is subject to StarHub's Consumer General Terms & Conditions, Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV Services, and any further terms and conditions that you and we may have agreed to from time to time.
    2. You may view our terms and conditions at http://www.starhub.com.
    3. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between any provision of these Promotion Terms & Conditions, the Consumer General Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions, the documents shall be construed in the following order of precedence:
      1. Promotion Terms & Conditions;
      2. Service Specific Terms & Conditions for StarHub TV Services; and
      3. Consumer General Terms & Conditions. 
    4. The promotional period is from 27 June 2017 to 31 July 2017 (both dates inclusive).
    5. Basic HD Upsize subscription discount is limited to $4.28 per month and will be credited to the customer’s account monthly for 6 continuous months. Thereafter, normal billing of $8.56 per month resumes.
    6. Promotion is applicable to existing StarHub TV residential customers.
      1. with a minimum of 3 Basic Tier Subscription,
      2. who are not subscribing to the Basic HD Upsize, and
      3. do not have outstanding bills with StarHub
    7. Promotion is only valid through instant buy when you subscribe via the blue button on your TV remote control or via My Account.
    8. HD channels can only be viewed with a subscription to the IPTV set-top box, HD Interactive set-top box or HubStation HD DVR set-top box, which is not included in the Basic HD Upsize subscription.
    9. Rental of $6.42/month for IPTV set-top box, HD Interactive set-top box and/or $14.98/month for HubStation HD DVR set-top box applies.
    10. The Standard Definition channels in customer's Basic Group subscription will be upgraded to High Definition accordingly. 
    11. The additional HD-only channels available in Basic HD Upsize is dependent on customer's Basic Group subscription. 
    12. All prices quoted are inclusive of 7% GST. Prices will be adjusted according to the prevailing GST rates.
    13. Promotion cannot be used to offset existing subscription charges or outstanding balances due to StarHub.
    14. Promotion is non-exchangeable for cash or kind, is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    15. Unless we specify otherwise, this promotion is not available with other discounts, promotions, special packages or external offers.
    16. StarHub reserves the right to determine your entitlement to this promotion, and reject any application for the Basic HD Upsize promotion, at its sole discretion.
    17. StarHub further reserves the right to revise any of these Promotion Terms & Conditions (including pricing plans) at its sole discretion without prior notice.
    18. Your use of StarHub TV Services will constitute acceptance of these Promotion Terms and Conditions and the amendments thereof.
    19. These Promotion Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and parties agree to be bound by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.